How To Share Kindle Books With Friends

Is there a way to borrow a book to people more then once on the kindle fire.

I just bought a Kindle Fire and I know several people who also have one. If I buy a book off of Amazon is there a way I can borrow the book to more then one person? Not at the same time obviously but I was reading some stuff online and people were saying they borrowed a book to one friend and then couldn’t...

With the Kindle ecosystem, you can loan one copy of a book for two weeks to a friend. You can’t loan out multiple copies, because that means you’d have to own multiple copies (makes sense, right?)But there is a workaround. If you and your friends want to share each other’s Amazon account passwords (better be friends you can really, really trust), then you can each install the free Kindle App or free Kindle Cloud Reader on each other’s computers. Then, just open it, signing in under another friend’s account. You’ll be able to read the same content, even at the same time.

How to get a kindle fire.

My friend has a cool kindle fire, and now I really ewant one. I allready am goon to get a nitro car for my b day, so I cant get anything else. My sister has a bray after mine and I was going to try to convince her to get one for her bray( I’m ten shes six) but she sometimes says yes and then changes to no. How…

maybe when the version 2 comes out and Amazon has worked out all kinks of the kindle fire you will have saved you money and can buy your own.maybe if your really good you will be able to convince you parents how wonderful it is to have access to all the .mobi file on Project Gutenberg gutenberg.orgof course if you parents are tech people they will already know that all the free books on Kindle can be gotten on your computer with a free kindle app and there is not real need for them to buy you a kindle.I definitely would not spend $200 on something so easily breakable for children. Horse books for free

how does a kindel work like the kind with books.

i know you read books on them or something like that. after you buy the kindel how do you get books on it and do you have to pay for the books you get to go on it? also if you have one …………… what are pros and cons about it and any thing you think someone buying one should know? thanks

Your Kindle will be linked to your account. On the Kindle device there is access to the Kindle Store, where you can browse books, read reviews, download samples and purchase books. If you purchase the book, it is charged to the credit card that is linked to your account, and the book is wirelessly downloaded to the Kindle. You do not pay for the wireless service, but you do pay for the book. The prices on Amazon vary, from free to to $17 or $18.If you are not in the U.S., or are outside of a wireless area (it uses Sprint’s network), then there is a USB cord that comes with it that you can use to transfer titles from your computer to the Kindle device. You can also transfer e-books from other websites to the Kindle using the USB cord.I own the first generation Kindle, which has a removable battery and a media card slot so that you can expand the memory. The new, second generation Kindle has a built-in battery and there is no media card slot, although the memory on the 2nd gen. is larger than the memory on the 1st gen. The 2nd gen. also has a feature that, when activated, will cause the Kindle to read out loud. I haven’t actually heard it, but from what I’ve read it is a very mechanical sounding voice. The Kindle also plays MP3s and has a built-in browser. I don’t use either of those features so I cannot comment on them.Pros: any books you purchase from Amazon are stored on Amazon’s media library site, so that if your Kindle gets lost or stolen you can re-download the books to a new device so long as the new device is registered to that same account. This also allows you to swap out titles between the Kindle and the media library so that you can manage the memory allotment. The Kindle remembers the location you are reading in each book on the device, so you never have to worry about losing your place in the book. You can adjust the size of the text. I believe there are 5 or 6 different sizes to choose from. There is a built-in dictionary. There is a search function that allows you to search for words or phrases that appear in any of the titles that are on the Kindle device.Cons: Kindle users cannot share books, unless they are registered to the same Amazon account, i.e. if you want to share books with a spouse or friend, both of the Kindles must be registered to the same account.Overall, I love my Kindle. If you have an iPhone or an iPod touch there is a free application that you can download to the apple device that will allow the apple device to wirelessly synch to the Kindle so that you can read books between the two devices. Very cool if you do not want to carry the Kindle around with you all the time. Just whip out the iPhone or iTouch and start reading. When you want to switch back to the Kindle then you tell the devices to synch and you can start reading on the Kindle exactly where you left off from reading on the apple device.

How can you share ebooks from one kindle to another.

Just bought a kindle fire and I heard that friends can loan books for 2 weeks at a time. How?

This can only be done if the publisher allows it. Not all do. But to loan a Kindle book, go to Amazon and click on Manage Your Kindle, which is on the bottom of the front page. This will take you to a page with all of your Kindle book purchases. Next to each book is an Action button. Click on it and you’ll see various actions you can take for that book. If the publisher allows it, one option will be to loan the book. Select that and follow the prompts.

Is there a way to “share” kindle books.

I have several friends that have kindles and we like to read alot of the same books. Is there a way that we can share the books we have purchased with each other?

Yes there is. Amazon has enabled a Lending feature. I’ve linked on how it works.

How can I share my eBooks with my friends.

I want to know more about the eBooks. Do you know the common ways to share eBooks? And which one is the usual way you use by?

Different options for you, if you want to kindle read comics and open websites, you can see:; if you want to share nook books with friends, visit: Hope this will help.

If I have a nook can I share books with someone who has a Kindle. If so, HOW.

I have a nook and my friend just got a kindle and we wanted to share books for school!

Kindle books are in Mobi format and Nook won’t open them.Nook books are generally in ePUB format and a Kindle won’t open them.So you’re struggling.There are various programs such as Kindlegen which can convert eBooks into different formats, but you will have further problems if the books have copy protection (DRM) applied to them.

Can you share kindle books with other Kindle users.

I have the Kindle app on my Ipad and my friend has a Kindle. I’m wondering if we can share our books that we already have? How would we do it? I’m not tech savvy at all! Can anyone tell me how we can borrow from each other or if there’s a way too??

You can loan SOME Kindle ebooks, each for 2 weeks only, and only once to each account you loan it to. No repeat loans. Every Kindle ebook sales page states whether the ebook is lendable (it depends on the publisher’s rules).Example: scroll down below the book description to the Product Details. You will see Lending: Enabled…If you purchased one of these lendable ebooks at Amazon and your friend also has an Amazon account and a Kindle reader (device or app) registered to their Amazon account, then you can loan a leading-enabled Kindle book to the friend. You will need your friend’s email. NOTE – the it will probably be required that your friend’s Amazon account have a credit or debit card in its settings (since that is also required for buying ebooks, even free ones).Here is the Amazon Help about loaning Kindle ebooks…What you CANNOT do is just copy the ebook off your Kindle and copy it onto theirs. Almost every commercially sold ebook including almost all Kindle ebooks have DRM protection. That means the ebook is encrypted using account-specific information so it can only be read on one of the company’s own readers and only if that reader is registered to the account that bought the ebook. The official lending procedure only works because Amazon delivers the ebook to the borrower and will make it unreadable when the 2 weeks is up.

Can you lend books with a Kindle.

A friend and I both will own Kindles for Christmas. Are we able to share books? How?

Yes, to a degree. The publisher has to allow the feature to be used. If the publisher allows it, when you go to the Kindle Store and look at the book (after you own it), there will be a button at the topt that says Loan This Title. Enter your friend’s email address and she’ll get a notification. The book can only be loaned for 2 weeks, though. You can also check the details section of the book on Amazon to see if lending is enabled.

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