How To Print Books From Google Play

How can I convince my parents to let me buy a pug dog.

I want a new dog soooooo bad. ever since my old dog died, I have been very lonely. You see, I don’t have many friends. When they can’t play, I play with my dog. Now that she’s gone, I’ve watched tv and eaten a lot when I am bored. I’ve gained a lot of weight and my parents won’t let me get…

I know exactley how you feel. When I was a baby we had a dog named micky,but micky got taken away from the groomer.My parents just won’t let me get a dog and I have very little friends that are always busy. I have to cats,but all they like to do is sleep and scratch me.You could sit down and talk to your parents.Let them know how lonely you are. Also take out books from the library about dogs and dog training and leave them lyeing around.Also print out alot of dog pictures (try /google/yahoo) andv decorate your room with them. Also start doing chores that you usually don’t. Take care of any other pets. Also if they keep on saying no, DON’T give up. Keep hope. That is most important.

does anyone know where i can get or make golf yardage books.

My golf team just recently switched home courses to a course that I have never played before. I am looking for a detailed yardage book of Jumping Brook Country Club in Neptune, NJ if anyone has one or could make one/teach me how to make one. Or even a website that makes them would be great.Thanks.

Before I gave in and got a SkyCaddie (and subsequently, the GolfLogix app for my phone), I made my own yardage books.My first one was a hand-drawn …thing. I just used those little flip notebooks, with yardages stepped off or taken from sprinkler heads/yardage markers. After that, I used Google Earth. I’d hover over my courses and print that image out. I’d then cut all the individual holes out, and glue them to a little flip notebook. Then, while still in Google Earth, I’d “measure” the distance to the center of the green from different landmarks (I aimed for places that I usually found myself on each course) visible from the map.It wasn’t pretty, but it was enough. I’m not big on knowing the exact yardage to the hole; if I’m within 3-5 yards, I’m OK with that. Free self help books

How many pages are in the Chronicles of Vladimir Tod book 5 (Twelfth Grade Kills).

Ok so I really liked the Heather Brewer series. But my local library didn’t have the last book. So I bought it on Google Play store. When reading it, I noticed throughout the book MANY typos. But after doing some research, I noticed a lot of sites said (around) 325 pages. I have the E-book, and it is only 167…

Some books when printed (depending on the printing style and format) will have more words on a page, thus making the book shorter than it really is. Your ebook condenses the pages so it becomes less data space taken up by your pc or ereaderThis last book weighs in at 325 pages, although the book description stated only 224, so it’s long but anyone who has followed Vlad & his friends this far will make short work of it. I know I did. In short, or rather in long, I’m glad I discovered Heather Brewer & Vlad & I am looking forward to her next book series. Although I must say that the ending is pretty “open” one could say so I’m kind of in doubt as to whether we’ve heard the last of the last from Vlad. When you guys read it, you decide.

Licensing: Client wants to use my photo for a book cover.

I am a photographer with very little experience with licensing my photos. Someone contracted me from a publishing company in Spain saying they’d like to use one of my photos as a book cover. I have no idea how to determine my price. What questions should I ask and what do I need to know?Much thanks for any…

Audrey,I cannot answer how much you should request because I don’t know what your particular market will bear… But, it is important that you have a written license agreement. See the guidelines noted below to protect your intellectual property and commercial photo usage rights.You’re missing a key question in the list above (that is, if you care…I would) – the “subject” or “topic” of the book – do you care if your photo shows up on a porn book, for instance. Also, not just print run (singular). But also run(s) – they may only be anticipating an initial run of 30K books and pay you based on that, you need to cover yourself if they sell out and have to go to a second run. Why do you care where they’ll be printed? I wouldn’t. Do you care if they alter your photo in any way (cropping, changing colors of objects, etc.) – to make it fit with the cover design? See the paragraph below for considerations since we can’t possibly list them all here. Also, depending on where you are geographically located there are different laws re: commercial and art uses of photography you should be aware of (for instance, if you have recognizable people in your shot you may be required to produce a model release for them if your photo is being used commercially – at least in the U.S.). Research the publisher online to see how reputable they are.So see this website at this link for what to include (or ask the publisher to provide you with):…And, note, that in the right hand column at that website there are all sorts of topics that may be of interest to you – including pricing photos. Again, I doubt they’ll give you a specific number – no one can – but they will likely give you guidelines that you can base the number you come up with on.Do a Google search on your topic along the lines of “pricing photos for cover art” or something to that effect. Play around with the terms. And include the country or type of media you’ll be searching for (book, magazine, brochure, etc.). It’s true that publishers and other graphic designers can go to microstock photo agencies and pay mere hundreds of dollars to get many many images to select from. And, in those cases, the photographers get about fifty cents to tens (not hundreds) of dollars for their one-time sale. So you’re not going to retire on this….Good luck!

How do you make a collage for an English project based on the book “Perks of Being a Wallflower”.

Guess who didn’t do their English project? So yeah we had a month to do it, but being the lazy put-everything-off-until-the-very-last-second person that I am, I didn’t do it and its due tomorrow! I have limited supplies (scissors, glue, a little bit of glitter, the ability to print off pics from internet,…

Since one of the ways teens and young adults relate to their world and their struggle for autonomy is through the media (music, movies, TV and literature), I’d go with songs mentioned in the book and books read by Charlie (those he read on his own and those his teacher gave him to read.) There are lists of the books and songs, I think I even saw them on wikipedia, but I’m sure a simple search will give you plenty of results. You can quote (search for quotes from the books on google) anything that pertains to the story, or even just spoke to you. Same with the songs. Listen to them on youtube and do a lyrics search and quote those as well. or at least a movie poster from Rocky Horror Picture Show since that plays such a big part in the book. You can print out book jackets and CD covers from the net too.When I read the book, I listened to the songs he mentioned and recalled the books he read, even read a few once I finished Perks. It really added to the story and I think it’s an important part of the book.Websites to get you going:1.…2.…3.…With a little effort, your project can still be kick***, using only the supplies you mentioned, and not spoil the rest of the book for you. However, the mom in me must say, next time start earlier 😛

How can i publish a book.

I really want to because its a life dream of mine..please, shed any light on this that you can!do i have to make the book my self and see if someone will publish it?

You do not publish a book. You write a book then lease the right to have it in print to an advance-paying publisher.Be prepared to write at least two hours a day, every day. For a pro writer that’s a very light schedule!writing is like learning to play the piano, you only get better when you practice every day.Get Strunk and White’s ELEMENTS OF STYLE.All writers have that book and use it. Free at the library or cheap at a used bookstore.Go to the 808 section of your library. You’ll find lots of books in it on how to write and sell books.But you HAVE to write and finish something that a commercial editor thinks will make money.All good writers are GREAT readers. Set a goal now to read every book in your library–or as many as you can! You can learn from those writers. You can learn what not to do by reading lousy books, and what TO do by reading great ones!BASIC RULES:The writer gets paid. Never EVER pay to get published.Never EVER pay for an agent or “book doctor.”Some websites make it seem that’s how it’s done, but they are scams.This is called YOG’S LAW:”Money always flows TOWARD the writer!”Join is FREE and pro writers lurk there and run the place. You will find lots of help on writing there. They don’t allow flame wars or trolls, the place is for writers wanting to improve their craft!When your book is ready to go (finished, grammar and spell checked and beta read and polished) you go into a bookstore and look for titles similar to what you’ve written. Inside the front page will be the names and websites of publishers. (You won’t find vanity press or POD or scam books there.)Visit their websites and follow their guidelines to the letter.Most will have a “Submission Guidelines”.If you see “Testimonials” RUN away, they’re a vanity, pay-to-publish scam operation. No real publisher has “testimonials” on their site!STAY AWAY FROM PUBLISHAMERICA. They are the BIGGEST ripoff site of them all.They say they’re free and don’t want your money, but that is a LIE. You end up buying overpriced copies of your own book for seven long years. Just google their name + “scam” and see all the people they’ve tricked.Their “advance” is one dollar.My last advance was five figures. My books are in stores, and it didn’t cost me anything.Good luck!

How much do i have to pay to publish a book. Do i even have to pay.

ya see im writing a book here and im almost done, this is my first book, so im like going crazy and searching the internet to see more info on publishing books. so im looking for anyone who knows how much i have to pay to publish a book. And if anyone of u people are authors than please write to me and tell me your…

to SELF publish a book, you need about 300$, google print-on demand.If you want to be a writer, do it as a career. That is — do whatever anyone pays you to do. Build a RESUME and a PORTFOLIO ( of stuff people paid you to do, such as articles for a magazine ) so when you go get the book you actually want to write published, you have a name and they will take it. If you go on your own, you CANNOT sell it.Middlesex became a bestseller because it had FOUR SALESMEN working on it, who send grab-bags of girlie-items as gifts to teen mags to entice them to review it. YOU can send all the grab bags you want, because you do not work for a large publishing company no one will review your book.I had this idea to advertize my novel in Second Life but turns out you’re only supposed to advertise in-game stuff in there, but if you advertize Real World things, you are an evil, corporate profiteer who wants to take advantege of computer geeks and gamers to turn a proffit. Never mind that no matter how many books i sell, i still LOST money on it, given the 5 years of my life i did nothing but write it and polish it. Advertising is only ok if it’s done by real ad angencies — not a private person like me and you!BUT, i’ll give you another exmaple. my job is to be a programmer. i am paid to do it. they take my code and run it for a big bank. BUT if i went on my own and wrote code after work, and tried to give it to a big bank, the big bank would be like “why are you bothering us? Take your program and shove it.” I’m saying that the age of writing a book and publishing it is over, and now you have to view it like any job: find an employer! Your first employer will probably be a small magazine. to impress them enough, you shoudl probably have a popular blog or win awards and have acomplishments AS WELL AS having a creative writing degree. Once you work in your industry long enough to know all the editor’s KIDS NAMES you can then by-pass the 100,000-book-deap slush pike and talk to the guy over lunch and say “hey, i wrote such-and-such for 10 years, now i have this novel, would you be interested?”I sacrificed 5 years of my life for my novel. got rid of TV. got rid of (mostly) video games. I wrote after work, and after a full day at work sitting in a cubicle, i did NOT want to sit in front of a PC to write. it felt like i had TWO JOBS but i wanted to finsih what was so easy to do in college. IT SOLD TWO COPIES. I took out an add in Fantasy and Science Fiction for 4 months and nothing.But i’m a terrible salesman, if you are a good salesman, you can probably sell as many as 100 copies of your self-published book.Basically, DON’T DO IT. make friends. play video games. if you wanna write to escape into your own fantasy world instead of one scripted by hollywood, that’s one thing, but if you want ppl to read what you write, you MUST do it as a career.AND if you do major in creative writing, you need to make it a double-major with a more realistic major that can make you money in the real world in case the writign thing fails. does not have to be glamorous, just so you don’t end up living with your parents when you graduate, because most ppl who believe in “follow your dream” end up living with their parents. you just don’t HEAR about them from the sucessful ppl — but they are there — on — living with parents, and i refuse to date them.Amazon has a self-publsihing thing that if you do it, you can search 3 chapters of a book. Booksurge? i think? look up “amazon print on demand” and then look at some of thosse books on amazon. read the first 3 chapters. realize that every single one of those ppl think that THEIR book is actually readable and better than the rest of those books, just like you think about your own book.the days of sending a story to a magazine and publishing it and starting a career that way are over. there are more writers now and fewer readers. that’s the reason now that it turned into a structured career path.a better outlet for creativity now is youtube. that’s the future.

hi. i have a keyboard at home because my sister plays, but she wont teach me how to play..

ok, so i realy want to learn to play the keyboard, but i dont have enough for lessons. does anyone know a print-out book online that i could use that teaches me to play the keyboard? it has to be free! also if you could tell me tips that would be nice =)

Go on youtube, they have tuns of free online lessons that you can actually learn a lot from. A guy called “Lypur” on youtube teaches keyboard/piano very well. Get a picture with the chords on off google images.

Can I print an eBook after buying it.

I bought an eBook from google play, but I need to print it so my son can take it to school.How can I print it?

It depends. Some have copy protection that doesn’t allow you to print. Also, the cost of printing several hundred pages will be much more expensive than just buying a hard copy of the book.

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