How Many Books Has Veronica Roth Written

What is your favorite young adult book.

I have a bunch. I live the lying game series, hunger games, twilight, the mortal instrument series, and a lot others. What is your favorite YA book?

The only thing I read is young adult! XDHere are some of my favorites!:-Divergent Trilogy by Veronica Roth- umph, these books. just ahhh, feels.-Delirium Trilogy by Lauren Oliver- Im currently on Requiem! This trilogy so far is amazing! I loved the first two books, but I’ve heard mixed reviews on Requiem, so I’m nervous right now. D;-The Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare- Although I’ve only read the first book, I’m excited for the rest! I just finished CoB two days ago, and I’m looking forward to how the rest of the books go!-The Infernal Devices Trilogy by Cassandra Clare- I haven’t read the trilogy yet, but I have the first book waiting for me on my bookshelf. It’s the prequel to The Mortal Instruments and I heard it was even better than TMI!-Legend Trilogy by Marie Lu- Im going to be reading this book in a couple of days, but I heard it was AMAZING.-Mind Games Duology by Kiersten White- I am currently reading this right now, and I love how everyone has supernatural phychic powers! Not a huge fan of the writing style though, but I do love this so far!-Under the Never Sky Trilogy by Veronica Rossi- Im going to be reading this book in a couple of days also, and I heard so many great things from this book! It is also a dystopian like The Hunger Games, Divergent, Legend, & Delirium! :)I have MANY MANY MANY more books that I love but I can’t simply type out all of my feelings for them on here, but these are some of my favorites and soon-to-be favorites! 😀

What are some good fiction-ish books.

I’m supposed to be reading and writing down books, so I need some names of books, and a description of what it’s about, if possible. Nothing about space please, I tried reading them before and I dislike them. If you can, could you please give me books similar to these?Enclave – Ann Aguirre or Divergent -…

All my fav books:Maximum Ride by James PattersonHunger GamesLet the Right one inOn the Run by Gordon KormanKidnapped by Gordon KormanIsland by Gordon KormanUglies series by Scott Westerfeld is goodUnwind by Neal ShustermanThe Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie RyanDeadly Little Lies by Laurie Faria StolarzWake series by Lisa McMannSon of the Mob by Gordon KormanShattering Glass by Gail GilesBook of Ember by Jeanne DuPrauDouble Helix by Nancy WerlinSuicide Notes by Michael FordSpeak by Laurie Halse AndersonLife as we Knew ItShadow Children by Margaret HaddixSupernatural:The Unseen series is really good.The Devouring by Simon HoltThe Darkest Powers by Kelly ArmstrongThe Hollow by Jessica VerdayGeneration Dead by Daniel WatersThe Supernaturalist by Eoin CoinThe Black Tattoo by Sam EnthovenBlood and Chocolate.Demonata by Darren ShanWereling by Stephen ColeWerecatTithe: A modern Faerie Tale by Holly BlackWings by Aprilynn PikeNeed by Carrie JonesThe Gatekeepers by Anthony HorowitzThe Mortal Instruments by Cassandra ClareAnita Blake series by Laurell HamiltonMorganville Vampires by Rachel CainVampire Academy by Richelle MeadDen of Shadows by Amelia Atwater-RhodesVampire Diaries by LJ SmithCirque du Freak by Darren ShanPeeps by Scott WesterfeldVampire KissesTantalize by Cynthia SmithNightworld series LJ SMithVampire Beach by Alex DuvalThirst by Christopher PikeI Am LegendWitches (as in Wiccan)Sweep series by Cate TiermanBalefire series also by Cate TiermanSpy stories:Gallagher Girls by Ally CarterThe Specialists by Shannon Greenland.Alex Rider by Anthony HorowitzThursday Next by Jasper FfordeAliens:Daniel X by James PattersonMythology:Percy Jackson series by Rick RiodanDaughters of the Moon SeriesSons of the Night Series by: Lynne EwingDark Fusion by Neal Shusterman Free books online

Average reading time for these books.

I read the fault in our stars over about two weeks because i wasn’t too interested in it and I was quite busy but what I need to know is how many hours it would have taken me if I added all my reading time up. I’m quite a fast reader so I wrote 2.5 hours but I don’t know if this is way too fast for a…

It takes about 1 and half per page for me so for these following books I would say…non stopDivergent 487 pages=12 hourEragon 730 pages= 18 hoursTwilight 498 Pages = 11 hoursHunger games 374 pages = 9 hoursGOF 636 pages = 15 hoursThanks for answering my question pal 🙂

Writers: How good are you at writing romance.

for those of you who like romance and have written it or thought about writing it into your stories/novels.It doesn’t matter the level of romance, whether it’s an innocent hand-holding scene or something deeper or more explicit than that. Rate yourself when it comes to writing romance: 0-10, 10 being…

I would rate myself about a 5. I am working on improving my romance skills though because I love writing it so much!BQ: My favorite romance scene in a book is in Insurgent By Veronica Roth (Sequel to Divergent) when Tris is about to go to execution but she gets to see Tobias one last time. They both put their hands up to the glass of the holding cell door (Tobias is in the holding cell) and put their foreheads together and just stay like that because they are pretty sure that’s the last time they will see each other again. It is so romantic when you read it in the book and it made me tear up. :’)BQ: The worst romance scene in a book for me would have to be in Matched By Ally Condie when Cassia gets matched with Xander. She supposedly likes him so much but when they get matched it’s just like….. I don’t know I just didn’t like it. It was terrible, sorry. I think it’s so bad because well…. the romance seemed so fake.Hope I could help 🙂

Have you read Ender’s Game.

I’ve decided (and my English teacher has approved my idea) to do my senior research paper comparing Ender’s Game to the Hunger Games.Did you enjoy the book?

I have not read Ender’s Game, but it sounds familiar. I’ve probably heard it mentioned somewhere.I did read the Hunger Games, and I’m proud to say I did so before “everyone else” did–long before the movie was even thought of.There are many books out there similar to the Hunger Games, and they are gaining popularity by piggy-backing off the success of the Hunger Games. Off the top of my head, I can think of Divergent by Veronica Roth and Legend by Marie Lu. If Ender’s Game is similar to these two, I can see how one could write a paper comparing it to the Hunger Games.It’s an interesting topic. Best of luck with your paper.

How do book publishers get their books published.

I really want to get a book published. I’m currently working on my first book and I want their to be two sequels to the first. I already have everything planned out and I am currently working on the first book. But what I’m afraid of is putting so much effort into this and having it go nowhere. Yes, writing…

One author once said that if you spend all that time writing a book, and then it doesn’t go anywhere, that’s okay. If you wrote one book, you can write another one. If you aren’t willing to fail, then publication and writing isn’t for you. Many now professional authors had to fail many times before they finally got that one hit. I met an author who talked to me about how many notebooks she had under her bed full of stories that just couldn’t be published.I once wrote a book that was HUGE. I put a lot of effort in it. But when I brought it to the critique forums (what you should do before you even look for an agent btw) I was really torn one end and down the other. They basically told me “No, this is not something you could get published”. That’s okay. I took from my failure, and wrote another one. Much better than the one before. Getting it ready for the critique forums. If that fails, I’ll take what I learned and write another one.I don’t consider any of my unpublished books a waste of time since they helped me write what I can today.

How to start writing a book.

So I m about to start writing a book since I love to read. One problem, there are two ways. The first Is the classic pen and paper but that takes long. The other is on computer but on computer its harder to be creative. But say I do use a computer, is there some special program I use, do I type it on Word or…

Why is it harder to be creative on a pc/laptop?Ideas are ideas, words are words, if they are written in a digital document or on paper with a crown pen doesn’t matters.The reason the old style writers say that crown pens and paper is the way to go is because it slows you down. And such is true it will slow you down a bit but is that always the best solution?I have a pen and a A5 notepad for ideas. Sometimes I write two pages full with ideas before going to bed. It isn’t a crown pen it just is a normal pen.And those ideas end up in the stories I write. But I write out my stories on the PC and writing can go very slow even on there. You still have to think about how you set things up, the right sentence to use, what would work the best.You still have to know your characters well and make sure they act as within their psychological profile/mental make up. Certain characters act certain ways. There are things they will do and things they will NEVER do!You still need to think about the situation and how the characters interact. Writing still takes hours taking all that in account. You still will end up with only so many pages of work after sitting behind the pc for a few hours.So the medium doesn’t changes the amount or quality of work.And think about the value of editing and rewriting. If you take the first round of writing just as material to use. It is raw, it is not something you would post. It is though what you can use to make something better.Rewriting is where you take your old writing, your ideas you put on “paper” and give them a second look. What ones are worth taking with you. What can you do to make your characters better. What can you do to make them interact more natural with others etc.. this is the point where you improve what you have written before.Take for instance the story line because that one was good. The characters after you fiddled a bit with them. Looking over their character and changed them a bit. Look over the events and restructure the story. Make things happen earlier or later because that would make a better story. And there is more you can do.In short the first thing you write down is only the fertile ground for the actual story you show to others. It is the basis on what you refine a better story.

How has the Divergent series affected your life. .

For those Divergent (by Veronica Roth)series fans, how has the series thus far impacted your life? (I’m writing a paper based on this book which is why I’m asking.)

I found the whole “fear” factor thing pretty fascinating. The book made me think about my own phobias/fears, like why I have them and what would I do if I was put into a simulation like Tris and the other Dauntless initiates?The book also made me wonder if I/m not getting a bit desensitized from reading so many books that contain teen violence (like Divergent and The Hunger Games). It used to bother me reading about things like the Dauntless girl who died trying to jump onto the roof or Al who committed suicide, but now it seems to affect me less and less. Scary…

How would you describe Divergent by Veronica Roth.

I am writing a review for the book, and i can honestly say i have no idea to describe it. I’d like to say breath-taking, amazing, engaging, etc, but i feel none of those really get through how it really is. I would also like something that sound a little more professional than “amazing.” How would you…

You could answer critically, I believed she blushed way too many times, her romance was like a textbook stereotype, everything was predictable, character flaws were consistent, they were kind of static. It was a great book, but you could find lost of things like that.

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