Books On How To Talk To Your Daughter About Puberty

How do I explain “periods” to my 9 year old daughter.

My (almost) 9 year old daughter is showing signs of puberty (developing breasts, arm pit / leg hair, etc) and I am afraid that she will start her period way too early. How do I talk to her so she can understand and not be scared?

maybe check out some books at the library,or look up some kid friendly sites on the internet.when i was in 5th grade, they taught us all aboutpuberty and stuff like that.they showed us how a pad worked, and even atampon; putting it in water and showing how itopens up to fluid. tell her that everything will beokay, and every little girl gets it some time at herage. even i knew someone who got it at theage of 8. best of wishes to you and your daughter :]

How do I talk to my 11 year old about sex and how do I make my kids happy.

I’m raising three daughters age 11, 9 and 8 on my own. I want to sit down and talk to my 11 year old about sex and puberty, but I don’t know how to go by doing that. I don’t want to make her feel uncomfortable, and I too don’t want to feel uncomfortable. Just recently before they went back to…

If you want to talk to your 11 year old about puberty I suggest you get her a little book about Puberty,sit down with her and read it together:)Then tell her,she can tell her younger sisters about puberty when the time comes:)About the sex talk..I don’t really think she should find out about all that yet.But if you want you can get her a book about it too:):)If you don’t have the money,you don’t have the money and your daughters need to reliase that:)Try saving money on little things like groceries,electricity etc..After time you will notice you have saved alot and when you do notice that then you can use the spare cash to bring your girls on a day out,eg:Bowling,Skating,Cinema etc:)It’s good go to things you can do together so they will feel close to you,and be able to ask you about certain things:)Best of luck,and remember you are NOT failing,you are trying your best and that’s not what you call failing:)

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How did you talk to your parents about your first date.

What age were you and how did you bring up the subject? This guy I like who likes me asked me out already but we havnt gone on any dates. Today though he asked me if I wanted to go see a movie with him later this week. I didn’t know what to say, so I said if have to talk to my parents and see (which is the…

Hi Shealynn,Good job on wanting to talk to your parents! So, just casually invite the guy over to watch a movie when both your parents are home. When your parents see you sitting close to him on the couch, they’ll immediately know what’s happening. Although they might not be happy about it… they won’t be too surprised, either. The desire to date is completely normal.The way the guy acts around your parents will be critical. If the guy introduces himself, gives a firm handshake, makes good eye contact, is a gentleman, is able to engage in polite conversation, keeps his hands in appropriate places, and shows respects for both you and your parents… then perhaps your parents will let him officially start dating you.If they refuse, then you’ll need to respect their decision. In that case, politely ask your Mom to drive both you and the guy to the mall instead as “safe dates”.Please don’t try to sneak out or date without permission. Dating behind your parent’s back while under their roof, accepting their money, and being loved & supported by them… is like secretly spitting in their soup. That’s just plain rude and disrespectful.The most common problem with sneaking out is that every time you’re alone with a particular guy that your parents are unaware of… things tend to go much faster physically (i.e., the guy has no accountability).Regarding parental restrictions… be aware that your parents know exactly what the hazards are.The specific reasons for parents being worried about their daughter dating probably includes their knowledge and experience about some of the following issues:- Because lots of teenage guys tend to be frogs… not princes.- Because teenage guys will typically want to go way past kissing if the girl allows it.- Because many teenage girls are simply too vulnerable, too impulsive, and too emotional.- Because lots of teenage girls frequently have poor judgment.- Because teenage guys are typically only interested in what’s in a young girl’s panties.- Because teenage guys often don’t care about a girl’s feelings.- Because the types of teenage guys who are bold enough to be dating are frequently focused solely on satisfying their own selfish desires.- Because teenage girls tend to equate love with kissing and sex (translation – they get their heart trampled), while most young guys don’t (translation – they simply say “See ya later!”).- Because after the inevitable break-up, a teenage girl will likely feel as though her world has collapsed.- Because any older guy who would date a young and vulnerable teenage girl is a creep.A few things you might do to convince them to trust you is consistently showing maturity, being helpful, showing good judgment, and telling them what your morals & standards are. Be advised that sneaking out, dating behind their back, arguing, acting spoiled, being immature, acting ungrateful, or engaging in rebellious behavior may result in your parents delaying their permission of your dating.Note that parents can often pick up on your values even if you don’t say anything specific… such as by the kinds of friends you hang around with, and also the kinds of hobbies, books, movies, TV shows, and music you spend time on… but it would help to verbalize your values for them.What else can you do?- Tell your parents that you know that some guys can be liars and jerks, and that you won’t believe everything a guy whispers into your ears.- Tell your parents that you plan on keeping your panties on until you get married (and mean it).- Tell them you know that keeping your virginity will eliminate 99% of the creeps, losers, and players… and mistakes of passion… which will make your life much happier and simpler in the long run.- Offer to get a purity ring to wear, and tell them you want to protect yourself against pregnancy, STD’s, and excessive heartache.- Tell them that you will not engage in any alcohol or drug use.- Offer to let them meet any guy before you would be allowed to date him.- Ask them if you’ve overlooked anything.- Thank your parents for caring enough about you to set limits.How can you keep your heart from getting trampled? Keep your panties on until you get married. That’ll eliminate 99% of the creeps, losers, and players… and mistakes of passion… which will make your life much happier and simpler in the long run. You’ll also be protected against pregnancy, STD’s, and excessive heartache.Final advice? Don’t make too many stupid decisions, don’t date jerks, don’t drink too much booze or take any drugs, don’t have friends who drink heavily or take drugs, listen to your Mom and Dad, read the Bible (the Gospel of John is a good place to start), and then everything will turn out fine.Good luck, Shealynn!Signed, WB.

what is the best why to talk to my daughter about her period .

A good idea is to get a book about puberty and what’s going on with her changing body. I’d start earlier than 13, I started my period around age 10. We started talking about our bodies and how they change in the fourth grade, which is a great age. Read through the book with your daughter and answer any questions she has. Make sure you let her know she doesn’t need to be embarrassed and none of her questions are “stupid”. Good luck!

How to talk to a young girl about menstruation.

Can you share how you were told about the changes in your body and how best I can begin to talk to my daughter? If you can tell me what age your period began that would be great.

I started my period 2 weeks after I turned 11. I’m 19 now. I guess my mom could tell I was getting ready to, so we went to a bookstore one day and she started looking for books about puberty and stuff. Mind you, I was 10 (5th grade I think) when she talked to me about it, and I was really scared. I remember crying when she told me about it. I don’t even remember what she said. It wasn’t much, and it wasn’t descriptive from what I remember. I think it was something like, “You are getting ready to go through some changes that happens to all girls. If we get a book it will help you.” I don’t remember if she mentioned exactly what a period “did”. She must’ve told me at some point though, because I do remember coming home from school one day (September 25, 2001 to be exact lol. Dunno why I remember) and I went to the bathroom and there was a little bit of blood in my underwear, so I went upstairs and said, “Mom I think I started my period” and started crying. Then she helped me learn how to use pads and stuff. She was happy. I was distraught. Lol.Oh! I remember now! One day (before I got my 1st period) my mom came home from the grocery store with a package of pads and then she said something like, “What happens to girls is when you go to the bathroom there’s some blood. These help make sure the blood doesn’t get on your underwear and pants.”Good luck! πŸ™‚

Parents; how do you go about giving “the talk” to your child.

Well, my step-daughter attends a school that does not do so well with the whole “sex education” stuff….basically, she was very concerned when she got her period, thinking something was wrong with her, and she just doesn’t seem to know anything about ANYTHING. Her school has like a one-day “puberty ed” day…and…

Where is her mother? If she is in the picture, have your husband talk to the mother and let her know that the child needs some education and he would be happy to do his part.If she is not in the picture, I would go to the library and get a book that explains sex to kids. There are some great ones. I would also tell her that she needs to ask questions to you or her Dad. I would let her know that everyon has questions, some even sound silly but it is important to ask, Also let her know that she will have different questions as she ages so questions will be welocmed through out her life.

How do I get my 10 year old daughter to talk about puberty.

My daughter is 10 years old & her body is changing but she wants no part of a discussion. She does not want to talk about bras or periods or any kind of changes, she just constantly tells me ” I know, I know”. I bought her the American Girl book “The book about You” or something like that, I…

Well I sat down with my daughter. I said “I know you don’t want to hear this but you have to listen and if you have any questions you can ask me”.Then I told her all about puberty and she only had one question. I told her that after we were done we never had to talk about it again.Thats pretty straight forward.

When should I talk to my daughter about growing up and puberty.

Ok my daughter is 11 years old nearly 12 and I want to sit. Her down and discuss the facts of growing up in life. How should I do this without making her feel awkward about it? I would love any tips or advise on how to do this as I am a first time mum and only 17 years old. How would you approach this convo and…

To be honest, you should have done it before now.The sex talk can wait, but it is vital that the puberty talk is done before they start, can you imagine how scary it would be for a 10 year old girl to get her first period and not know what it was?My mum was a science teacher, and she did it in a very factual objective way that stopped me/us getting embarrassed, whilst letting me know that she could also answer any questions I had.She also gave me a book about puberty, so that if there was anything I didn’t want to ask her, I could look in there.

Talk to my daughter about puberty.

my daughter is 12 and has been in puberty for a little bit. i havent had the talk with her yet but i am going to tonight because daddy and camren (my 4 year old) are going out so we will be alone. i just wanted to no what should i tell her about.. like obviously periods, and i want to talk with her about sex, but…

Tell her what to expect during puberty. Tell her about breasts, periods and hair growth. Explain that it is important that she keep her body safe and healthy. You can brush on the subject of sex, but don’t need to go into that much detail. Just explain how babies are made, and that is it. There are many puberty books available if you want some aids. Maybe you can make her a gift basket with pads, deodorant, shaving creams and razors. Sort of like a puberty welcome kit.

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