How Many Books Has Alice Walker Written

What is a good African american book to read.

i love books with alot of drama and mysteries etc im like 21 and wanna get my reading skills up(nothing to complicated lol)…if anybody knows a good book about abusive relationships, murder, sex, money, drugs lesbian afairs etc. anything thats worth reading please let me know. thanks you for your time…

African Americans have a rich heritage and are well represented by some of the most articulate and thoughtful authors. Check out the Harlem rennaisance authorsMaya Angelou is perhaps the best know African American author. Her works are classics, but “I know why the caged bird sings” is her most famous and won the pulitzerAlice Walker wrote many books including the Color Purple (also a pulitzer winner)The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz Pultizer winnerThe Known World by Edward P. Jones Pulitzer WinnerToni MorrisonTerry McMillian wrote “How Stella got her groove back” and many others.James Baldwin including “Go Tell It on the Mountain”Alex Haley including “Roots” and Autobiography of Malcolm XSojouner Truth

Can you please explain to me how sexual abuse played a large part to the main character in the color purple.

I need to use this as an example for the paper i am doing about sexual abuse and the aftermath to the victim.

The Color Purple was not based on Oprah’s life. It was a book written by Alice Walker.The sexual abuse in the movie directly affects Celie (Whoopi Goldberg’s character) in many ways. It is her father that sexual abuse her at a young age and impregnate her twice. She has two children by her father (whom she later finds out is her step-father) by the time she is fourteen and the minute they are born they are sent away from Celie.Celie has a younger sister Nettie and when a man named Mister (Glover) tries to rape Nettie, Celie helps her escape, but stay behind. In large part because Celie does not feel as worthy as her sister.Celie is forced to marry the very man that she saved her sister from – “Mister”. “Mister” makes Celie feel she is unworthy of love and happiness. He continuously beats her, rapes her, and makes her take care of his children and the chores around the house from the beginning of their relationship. This treatment and abuse by all men in her life prohibit Celie from developing confidence or self-esteem. She feels small and insignificant.It is only through the friendship of two women that she finds the worth and confidence inside herself and leaves the man who has abused her for so many years. Relationship books free

what are meters in a poem.

ok can anyone tell me how many meters this poem hasWOMENthey were women themmy mama’s generation jusky of voice-stout ofstepwith fists as well as handshow they battered downdoorsand ironedsarched whiteshirtshow they ledarmiesheadragged generalsacross…

OK, This is “Women”, by Alice Walker, Copyright 1991.I realize you did not intend to misspell or misalign parts of the poem, but just for everyone’s benefit, here is the poem the way it was written:WOMENThey were women thenMy mama’s generationHusky of voice—stout ofStepWith fists as well asHandsHow they battered downDoorsAnd ironedStarched whiteShirtsHow they ledArmiesHeadragged generalsAcross minedFieldsBooby-trappedKitchensTo discover booksDesksA place for usHow they knew what weMust knowWithout knowing a pageOf itThemselves.You could probably call this ‘Enjambed Iambic Metre’ because the lines use stressed/unstressed rhythms which are amplified by the use of enjambment and single word stresses.So, for attention, it uses 2 different kinds of rhythm, which could be called metre, but I am not sure if that is the question you are asking. Good luck.

Is THE COLOR PURPLE (the film) amazing or what.

I don’t give much of the credit to Alice Walker, outside of writing it… BUT HOW INCREDIBLE IS STEVEN SPIELBERG AS A FILMAKER?? That movie had so many more visuals than that book could ever hope to have achieved. And yes, I know it was just a book and couldn’t do a whole lot there that film could do… but…

Yes! It’s a brilliant film. I love the art direction and especially the story. If that movie doesn’t cement a person’s love for Spielberg, I wouldn’t know what to do with them.

Which Book/Books should i Read Next.(I Have Read Some of Them But would be happy to Read Again. I’m Age 15

To Kill a Mockingbird (Lee) , Lord of the Rings (Tolkien), The Catcher in the Rye (Salinger), The Great Gatsby, (Fitzgerald), David Copperfield (Dickens),The World According to Garp (Irving), Catch 22 (Heller), The Hobbit (Tolkien), A Tale of Two Cities (Dickens), Huckelberry Finn (Twain), Alice in Wonderland…

Well, I have no idea about the content of some of these books that you listed. From the looks of it, most of them are fiction books. But the listing of Sun Zi Art of War is the one that caught my eye.I would strongly recommend Sun Zi Art of War for the following reasons.1) Although it is an ancient book, its principles have found many applications in many fields, especially in relationship and business.2) Everytime I read the book, I always gather new insights that makes me feel that I have benefit a lot from it. How many books can do that?3) Sun Zi Art of War strengthens one strategic mind that can be very useful in life because in life we need to formulate a lot of strategies to achieve what we want.But do take note that you get a good translated copy of the Sun Zi Art of War so that you can better capture the essence of this great work. I would recommend one that is written by Prof Wee Chow Hou. It is the best translated copy so far and it is one that is translated by a Chinese.Hope you enjoy reading. I know I have greatly benefited from it.

Alice Walker’s “Every Day Use”- 5 Paragraph THESIS Essay.

hey having a little trouble in writing a thesis essay on “Everyday Use”.the book gave me a thesis i can use.but how would/could i use it in a productive 5 paragraph essay.Thesis:Each memory recorded in “Everyday Use” serves to strengthen the foil relationship between…

I would take a paragrah about each memory (I dont know how many their are so you may have to group them) and then realte it to how it caused a clash between two notions of heritage.Hope this helps!

Why was dialect used in the novel The Color Purple by Alice Walker.

Why was an african american dialect used in this book?Does anyone have any ideas WHY Alice Walker would have used this in her writing?

Many possibilities here:- Her characters spoke with the dialect of the region/times.- As a literary device to highlight the differences between black/white societies.- African American dialect was the best device for her to communicate certain feelings of her topic.And so on…Also, AAVE (African American Vernacular English) has adapted many standard English words to convey meanings that English doesn’t natually have.Example:Habitual marker – if you want to convey that someone does something all the time (habit), we don’t have a verb in English that conveys this. In African languages, this verb does exist. So early slaves took an English verb “to be” and used it as a habitual marker.He be going to the store. (he goes to the store all the time.)Very different from “He goes to the store.” (He goes, but how often?)Sorry – can you tell I majored in Linguistics?Hope it helps a little…

Why did alice gray (walker )rewrite the book the color and try to still the original writers cast .

The original writer was () .Starinh opry winfrey,woopie gold berg and many more .Iwas ther when it was are live .filmed .It was not video taped.come on now.The original writer recieves the revenue and recoginition . and the rewriters recieve recongnition from the original writer.after all it is their story the Y…

The Color Purple was written by Alice Walker. She holds the copyrights to this book and receives compensation as negotiated in the publishing contract she signed. She and the publisher sold the movie rights to Steven Spielberg who made a wonderful film of it in approximately 1985. Oprah Winfrey bought the rights to make it in to a stage play, hence the musical play’s name “Oprah Winfrey presents The Color Purple”.Alice Walker may or may not get a percentage of the proceeds from the film, depending on the deals negotiated when the rights for film and theatrical stage presentations were negotiated.Further, Ms. Walker has legal representation and it is unlikely she needs your assistance in any way.

I have a question about the book: “The Color Purple” by Alice Walker. If you have read it before plz help

Ok i have read this book and i have read all kinds of summery (sparknotes, cliffnotes, ….). My question is that how and why do writing letters to God and also writing letters to Nettie help Celie find her own path in life? Can anybody tell me why writing these letters is important? (i’m just asking about the…

The letters that Celie wrote helped her to find her path in life, because through her faith in God, and her faith that her sister was alive; they helped her to remain strong. To not let the actions of “mister” break her spirit, and her faith. Without her letters, she would have given up on life. Become almost suicidal. Her letters are a testimant to her never give up attitude in her life. In today’s society, many women would have given up, and died long ago in Celie’s shoes.

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