How To Transfer Books From Kindle To Kindle Fire

How to find a book file and transfer it to my pc from my kindle fire.

I’ve tried hooking my kindle up with a usb & searching through its files, but no luck finding any of the books I’ve purchased; where are the books stored when you buy them- currently, the book folder appears to be empty when I look at it with my kindle hooked up to my pc; however, when I’m on my kindle,...

You would need the PC kindle app for that purpose just get it. Register it to your account and than go to manage account and send the book to your PC.

how to retrieve books from cloud on kindle fire.

i just bought a kindle fire. i have a lot of books in my cloud because of owning a kindle keyboard. when i click on “cloud” under the book section of the kindle fire. then i clicked on the book i wanted, and it says “downloading,” but nothing at all is happening. it’s like it’s stuck…

Go on a computer, go to and log on your account. From there, find Manage My Kindle.You can find all of your purchased content there. Just direct which device you want to send/transfer that content to, item by item.

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How do i transfer a book i bought online (Amazon) to my kindle fire..

I usually do not have trouble with this but i bought a book and i sent it wirelessly to my kindle. I try doing the sync button and it fails. -___- I bought it online on Amazon and I already pressed send it to my kindle. OKay. Thanks!

On your Kindle Fire, go to the Books tab.From there, click on Cloud, and all content you’ve bought should be there.Find your new book, and click on it and the book will be downloaded to your Kindle Fire.Enjoy.

How do I transfer .mobi book files from the computer to my Kindle Fire.

I have a bunch of books as .mobi files and when I drag them into the “Books” file of the Kindle, they don’t show up. The cover-art is in the gallery though. I’ve tried just the file itself and several different files, but it never seems to work. Can anyone help me?

Mobi files definitely work in the Kindle Fire. I’ve downloaded one just as you did and read the book.I’m not really sure how to help you.

How do you buy apps/books/etc from and transfer them to your Kindle Fire without WiFi.

You’ll need a usb cable with the standard usb connection on one end and the microusb on the other. If it didn’t come with one then have a look at your mobile phone charger.Connect the kindle to the computer and it should appear as a new drive under my computer. The just transfer the content from your pc to the kindle.

How do I get the books from my old Kindle to my Kindle Fire.

I’ve signed into my amazon account on the fire but still don’t see any of my books.

all your books should be on amazons server account, you shouldn’t need to transfer.

How do I transfer Books from my computer to my Kindle Fire.

I have a computer version of the kindle and i bought a book, i can’t find it anywhere in my files and when i go to the kindle thing on my computer the only thing i can do is read it and go to any page on the book but otherwise i can’t do anything!! it’s driving me crazy! Please help me.

Assuming you read the Kindle Fire user’s manual, then contact the Amazon/Kindle tech support people. Contact info is on the Amazon/Kindle website.

Transferring books bought for Kindle from Amazon onto your Kindle Fire.

I have a Kindle Fire and bought book from Amazon (on my laptop) because it said i would be able to transfer it onto my Kindle but I can not figure it out. It will not transfer wireless for some reason and I can not figure out how to do it via USB cord? Its a Rental book if that makes any difference.

If the Kindle books are bought from Amazon, then just login the Amazon account on your Kindle device, and the books should be there.The purchased Kindle books can be shared on multiple devices/apps. There’s a good discussion here talking about this:…

how do I transfer books from pc kindle to kindle fire. step by step please. I’m a new owner..

First, the books need to be in mobi or pdf format. If they are, you’re good to go. Just connect the Kindle with a USB cable, then drag and drop the files into the Documents folder. After you eject the Kindle it should display the new files.

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