How To Cite Books Of The Bible

How to i cite the bible in MlA.

I’ve got multiple verses that i can use but do i have to include thatem all? or can i just go… The Bible, KJV?

Say what book within the bible you have used.If you are citing something, you have to use full name of the refernece. E.g (Bible Exodus 15; 13-19).If you are citing something, but some of it you are cutting of.. like”bla bla bla [..] (jumps a couple of lines further) bla bla bla […] bla “Then you can just do it in one reference

How do you cite the bible.

i need to cite this in Chicago Manuel Style from the bible:The Book of Mark, chapter two, verse three in the king james version of the New Testamentplease help thank you !!!

Please see reference here:…There are a number of other online sources – easily found by Google.Chicago style . . .……

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How do I cite the book of Job, in MLA format.

I am writing a paper on THE BOOK OF JOB, and I will like to know how to cite it (MLA format)

Anything Biblical you only need to cite chapter, verse, and (in the case of direct quotes) version or translation. Full MLA is not necessary and not standard. So you would say:Job cursed the day he was born (Job 3:1-26).OrThen God said, “Everything he has is in your power, but on the man himself do not lay a finger” (Job,New International Version, 1:12).If your teacher actually wants you to cite MLA for this, then get a Bible and give him the publication date, the editor (it should be in the introduction), etc., with all the things you usually need for a book. But this is stupid. And it’s not only stupid; among scholars, it is in fact wrong.

How do I cite the Book of Job (from the Bible) as from the Torah.

How do I cite the Torah? Is the Book of Job in the Torah?? I’m writing a paper for a Judaism class and I’m reading a translation of the Hebrew Jewish version. But how can I cite it from the Torah?? I’m so confused about this. What is the Torah anyway?? Is it just the Old Testament from the Bible??Thank you 10 pts

No, the Torah (which means ‘Law’) are the five books of Moses… What you want is not in the Torah.The Jewish Bible (sometimes wrongfully reffered to as the “Old Testament”) is called the ‘Tanakh’ and is seperated into three categories.. these are:Torah (Law) Which is the first and most popular.Navi’im (Prophets)and the Ketubim (Writings)What you are looking for, the book of Job, is in the Ketubim.

How to cite, for a book, the Bible with proper Chicago Manual of Style.

I am helping friends with publishing a book written by our pastor. I have been asked to submit the citings of the King James Bible in proper Chicago Manual of Style. I have searched the internet, but I am still a little confused. Please, can anyone tell me how this should be written?

The title, the publisher or printer, the year that particular bible was published.You are not citing the book, so much as you are citing who printed it and when.Here’s the MLA way to do it:…

Can someone please give me an outline on how to cite a part of a book. And a bible verse.

I don’t have the slightest idea on how to cite books, or bible verses for my works cited page in my essay for English 3 for juniors. Please help me

First of all, you seem to be confused about the difference between specific citations (of a specific page of a book or verse in a book of the bible), and the Works Cited page (which is a list of all the books, magazine articles, websites, you cited in the body of the paper).And the details of how you cite something differ depending on what citation scheme you’re supposed to use: MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.Basically, though, for a book, you need to include author’s name, title, place and year of publication, publishing company’s name, and page number. (No page number in the Works Cited.)For a bible verse, just book/chapter/verse (e.g., Genesis 12:3). Maybe also state which translation you used, if that’s important (e.g., “KJV” or “RSV”).

MLA Citation: How to cite the Bible from Norton Anthology.

I can’t find it anywhere.It is The King James Version of the Bible, excerpts of Genesis are in the Norton Anthology.

Cite anything from the Bible by book, chapter and verse. Put a colon between the chapter and verse. For MLA, the first time you quote, include the name of the translation. There are standard abbreviations for the books. For example (King James Version, Gen. 1:1). For subsequent citations, you can drop the version: (Gen. 6:3). If you are using two versions of the Bible, there are standard abbreviations you can use: (KJV Gen. 6:3) and (RSV Ps. 23:5).

How to cite the Book of Mormon.

I think this information must be in the book of mormon, but i’m not sure. please, let me know , those who know.what text should i cite for the story of how joseph smith was able to transcribe what the angel had given him using seer-stones?

If you want to cite the story of Joseph Smith, you should probably use The Pearl of Great Price, Joseph Smith-History. In the Book of Mormon, they just use a portion of that story in the preface.The format for all scripture is the same as for Bible, Book or Mormon etc…For the section on Joseph Smith translating…. something like:Pearl of Great Price, Joseph Smith – History, 1:21-54.You can also link from the LDS website for any scriptures.

How to cite books of the bible via Chicago Style for a Bibliography.

I am creating an annotated bibliography, and I need to know how to cite books of the bible using Chicago style.

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