How To Draw Books For 9 Year Olds

how can my 9 year old get his small book published.

My 9 year old son wrote a small short book about bullies he also drew some cute pics to illustrate…I would love to see this in elementary schools. He also has ideas for production of theme t-shirts, school supplies, backpack zipper tags, etc..I know the has some great information for education He…

I think there is a website for young writers like your son.http://www.kidpub.comIt has great publishing deals for children. Joining their site will give your son a chance to share his work with other writers. They do require you to pay, however.Check the site out to see if it best suits you :]

Wat is a good book for a 9 year old that wants an AR book.Her level is 4.6-9.0.

Please tell me a book and it’s author or only an author or olny a book or tell me how to find one.

Not sure what an AR book is. What does she like?The Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo is good. A fantasy/quest book about a mouse who ventures into a reputedly dangerous basement to save a princess.Wren to the Rescue by Sherwood Smith is a great easy fantasy book about an orphan, Wren, who discovers she has magical powers when she has to rescue her best friend — another orphan who turns out to be a princess in disguise.Catwings (and sequels) by Ursula LeGuin is a quartet of books about cats with wings — sounds strange, but very good (and short.)Bloomability by Sharon Creech (all her books are excellent) is about a girl who goes to boarding school in Switzerland where her uncle is the headmaster, and she meets a colorful cast of friends from all over the world.Judy Blume and Beverly Cleary books are good at this age. Nancy Drew, Babysitter’s Club, Three Investigators, Greek and Roman Myths (I like the d’Aulaires and McCaughrean translations).Hoot by Carl Hiaassen (sp?) is a good book about kids who try to save some endangered owls from a crooked developer. Very funny and environmentally focused. His novel Flush is good, too.Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine. A novel length retelling of Cinderella, with funny, touching moments.Check with her school or your local public children’s librarian. They are usually excellent at recommending books based on ones you have liked already. Pregnancy books free

IWhat is the best way for a little 9 year old girl to relax.

Her mom is moving to CA and she needs to rellax, but how?

Does she like to dance?Enroll her in dancingDoes she like to play softball?Put her on a softball teamDoes she like to watch movies?FIgre out what she likes to watch and let her watch moviesDoes she like to draw?Paper and drawing utensilsDoes she like music?Get her an MP3 or a CD player and get her some musicDoes she like to read?Get her books.Maybe she likes to do girly stuff like painting her nails or playing dress up.Or if you really want to spoil her once; get her a spa treatment.

How did I learn to draw.

Well, I’m a super NOOB when It comes to drawing, honestly my 9 year old sister can draw much better than me (im in highschool) , So I wanna know what should I do to learn how to draw better???? I have been just drawing simple shapes over and over again like squares, circles and stuff is this a good idea?? for…

DaMan, I’m not trying to be negative or negate your desire to draw, but not everyone is good at drawing. Believe it or not, that’s okay, because you’re probably really good at something else — i.e., I can draw my *** off, but other than balancing my checkbook, I truly suck at math…If you’re interested in getting better at drawing, then it might help you to visit a site and purchase a book called “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” by Betty Edwards — For those that are more right brain hemisphere oriented, it helps you by using the strongest side of the brain you depend upon. The book gives examples that help you hone your desired skills.Visit your local library or your school’s library and see if they have a copy available. That way, you can try some of the tasks without the cost. The tasks seem sort of strange, but trust me, it does work and it does help.While doing the tasks, the only other thing that I can suggest is that you constantly practice — CONSTANTLY. Even naturally gifted artists have to practice and refine their skills. To keep your interest in getting better, I would suggest that draw what you enjoy — if you like animals, then draw them… if you like cars, then draw them. That way, you’re trying to become skilled imitating what you enjoy or love the most, and it becomes less of a drudgery and/or burden.Lastly, do not compare your abilities to other’s. This can become a very disheartening habit and it will shadow your desire and aspiration to do well. Be proud of what you create, because there is no failure when you do something and give it your all.I wish you great success!!!

Comic book female superheroes appropriate for a 9 year-old girl.

All the new female superheroes are a too sexy for a 3rd grader. My daughter likes the 70s Wonder Woman and an 70s female villain called Hel from a Spiderman comic. It’s fine if they’re beautiful grown-up women, but for Pete’s sake, the new female comic book heroines look like centerfolds. Suggestions?

Good comic for a 9 year old. Power Pack about a group of Super Hero kids pretty goodSpider Girl is good too. Spider Man’s daughter from an alternate reality.There’s also the one -shot Raven which should be at your local comic store. Raven is about a girl who’s half demon and hates that fact and just wants to live a normal life in high school.She might like Run-aways which is about a group of teens who ran away from home because their parents are murderous super villains!If she likes Thor then the guy currently writing him is responsible for Babylon 5.There that should do it.Umm there’s a reason these heroines look like centerfolds. The mark caters to young guys and well you know how young guys are, right? I know that’s no excuse but the list I gave you should be fine, but remember artist switch all the time and you should check how they draw them first if you’re worried about it.

Christmas present idea for 8 year old girl.

I’m in desperate need of ideas about what 8 year olds are into these days as I pulled my cousin in the family grab bag. My aunt’s help was that she’s into “anything girly” which basically was no help at all. Anyone care to offer me some advice on what their 7/8/9 year old girls are into…

If she likes to draw perhaps a drawing book … some she might be interested in …How to Draw Cats at:…How to Draw Horses at:…How to Draw Dogs at:…

Babysitting ideas for 9 year old boy.

I am babysitting my ( possibly soon to be) cousin. He is 9 years old and is apparently really smart. and I dont know what to do really to keep him entertained or tips on baby sitting 9 year old boys? PS I am 13

Well, one thing to do before the parents leave is be SURE you have all of the emergency information you need, as well as if they’d like you to give him dinner, how long they’ll be gone, if he needs to be in bed by a certain time, ect.For that age the best idea would be to, for one, ask what he likes to do, and if he has something he wants to do already.My best tip: Always bring a small bag of things for you and him to do!If not, try bringing over empty toilet paper rolls (just the cardboard), some tape, markers, and so on! Bring newspaper or something to put underneath while you create if you think it’s going to be messy. But I’ve figured out that most kids who are smart, especially boys at that age, are also really creative! Simple things like drawing or making a funny monster out of a cardboard tube are often GREAT ideas! Also, try the ‘I Wonder Why’ books to bring with you. They’re full of realy fun and cool facts about everything, and nine is the perfect age for those books!One more thing, once you get to know him, you can customize what you bring, and bring things he likes more, leave out the things he ignores, and so on.Well, good luck!

Drawing the human Figure books for Beginners.

Hey there!i’m looking for a book which tell u how to draw the human figure for beginners , i know there are allot of those books but they all about anatomy bones mussels and i think i don’t need to learn this at this stage [and i’m too lazy to do it xD ] , its too complicated for me , i dint wanna get…

Anatomy and figure drawing is not as separate as you suggest. It may seem daunting but human anatomy is not complicated. if you draw a figure, the anatomy is there whether you like it or not so learn it.if you still want to put the cart before the horse, some good books are Dynamic Figure Drawing by Burne Hogarth and Figure Drawing for All It’s Worth by Andrew Loomis.

Ways for an 9-12 year old to make money.

Ok so my little cousin wants to make some money and she needs some ideas its winter so theres not much she can do any ideas?

The books below, available at the library, offer some excellent ideas for young people of all ages.Fast Cash for Kids … Bonnie & Noel DrewBetter than a Lemonade Stand … Daryl Bernstein50 Money Making Ideas for Kids … Lauree & L Allen BurkettJobs for Kids … Carol Barkin & Elizabeth JamesThe Kids’ Business Book … Arlene ErlbachMaking Cents … Elizabeth WilkinsonMake More Money Than Your Parents … Mike Bundlie and OthersHow to Be a Teenage Millionaire … Art Beroff

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