How To Draw A Bookshelf With Books

I have to live in the living room, how to make it a bedroom.

My mum is getting an apartment, i have to sleep in the living room, and I want to treat it like a studio apartment, so how do I make it a living room but have my own space? I don’t want one of those beds that turn into a couch I want my own bed and a separate couch. Can I use a bookshelf to divide the room? and…

you should get a lap desk. its a desk with a pillow on the bottom so its comfty. i guess you can also get a piece of plywood but….you can keep the lapdesk in collage. i would hang a curtian up to divide. and add a little book shelf. so if you want privacy but not full privacy. its perfect. i would also get a daybed. with draws on the bottom to put your stuff. you can also get a comfty chair to sit in and use your lapdesk. just think what would be in your dream room….and downsize… i hope this helps 🙂

ATTN crafty people. How to make a stand-up tree.

Tomorrow I am teaching a lesson on Chapter 7 of TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD. My sophomores are low-level readers and I want them to have a tactile experience with the book. I had the last-minute idea of creating a tree and putting replicas of the items in a knothole. I have the lesson all planned out, but I need to make…

Cut the cardboard into a tree shape. (tip: just draw it on paper, cut it out, and trace it on)Glue on the brown paper onto the cardboard, only if the cardboard doesn’t have the color of a tree.Use the pipes to create branches.Glue the leaves on to the pipes. Free urban books to read online

How can I teach myself to draw well.

I am planning on applying to an art university, preferably School of the Visual Arts in NYC to study graphic design, but a big problem I’m facing is that I lack traditional drawing skills. In order to get accepted into any of their programs your portfolio needs to be filled with samples of observational drawing…

A course in basic drawing is a good idea at some point. If you want to get into things on your own, I strongly recommend “Drawing with Children”. There are a few versions of the book, including some for teens and adults. Even the original child exercises are good for grown-ups. I also recommend “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain”. These are both very good books for art skills, aimed at the general public instead of the art major.If I’m off base here, please feel free to contact me through my profile. I can probably dig up other references for you once you clarify your situation. My other half is an more general artist, currently working in painting. I haven’t had enough drawing practice, so I’m still “stuck” with hand-built ceramics. We probably have several books on our shelves that would be what you need — considering that the bookshelves restrict how much art we can hang in the house.

How to Learn How to Draw without Violating Copyright Laws.

I have been drawing all my life (I’m 25 now). I know it’s okay to use material to learn how to draw, but what do you do if you want to get something published?For example, say you want to draw a fox. In order to draw it, it’s good to have a picture of one to draw it accurately. Does this mean, I…

Most professional illustrators use photographic references when anatomical accuracy is important. It doesn’t mean one can copy someone else’s photo of, say, a fox and market it as one’s own. It means the careful study of the characteristics displayed on a series of images until the artist is familiar enough to create an original illustration of his own.It’s not that different a technique from the one you described using “other people’s pictures.” But, using those and the photos for reference, an artist can do very accurate illustrations without running afoul of copyright laws.Here’s the problem with only using other people’s illustrations to learn an animal. With these, all you learn is how THEY drew an animal. You can look at other people’s drawings of cats, but, until you actually observe a cat in motion, and/or, study a LOT of cat photos, you really don’t know exactly how flexible a cat is, say, compared to an iguana, or a bird, or a dog.Besides all my online resources and a pretty good collection of my own photgraphs of domestic and zoo critters, I still have an extensive “morgue” of subjects gleaned and cut out of magazines, newspapers and, maybe, four feet of bookshelf space of books of animals. (kids picture books are GREAT for this.)And that’s just the animals. I have files of cars, boats, houses, flowers, costumes and uniforms, hands, eyes, trees, landmarks and on and on. Books of military gear and vehicles, celebrities, musical instruments and so much more. I keep these clip files in a three drawer and a two drawer file cabinet. Sometimes I just can’t afford to take a trip to Africa to take a photo of a Wildebeest.

please how is information stored on a database.

for example if i’m storing appointment details of a hospital online and i’m using a database, my question is how are the information stored.i.e patients can book appiontments with the hospitals online without going to the hosptial. assuming there are already members of the hospitals(i.e patients)my…

Database systems is a discipline in itself, bookshelves are filled with books on the topic. Don’t expect a sensible answer to your question, here…

Hi I have to to a each one teach one project for my OTherclass, I was wondering what topics I could introduce.

to my class. For example we deal with occupations so an example that was given in class was how to change a tire and one would describe the steps. I need something similiar to that. Just decided I’d come on here for some ideas. Thanks. If any occupational therapists have done this, what have you done? and what…

How about~setting up a computer~cooking a meal~building bookshelves~buying a book online~changing the hamster cage~making the bed~changing the oil in a car~drawing a square~tying one’s shoes~setting up a tent~washing a shirt~downloading pictures from a camera~cleaning a bathroom~changing a diaper~installing a computer program or game~asking someone for a date (this could be funny)

Question on the book Speak by laurie Halse Anderson.

What does the tree in the book have to do with anything?? I get that she wants to finish it…how does the tree relate to melinda or the book or something. help?

did you read the whole book? i did it sitting right on my bookshelf lol.- in the beginning of the story she didn’t want the tree because she said she already knew how to draw a tree and wanted to learn something else. But as the story goes on she learns many new ways to draw a tree instead of just paper and pencil. I think that the tree helps her open up and feel more freely. that their are many different types of tree’s and many ways to draw each tree. As a young learning artist that’s going through a lot of what’s going on in her mind she expresses her feeling’s through art. The whole fact of her getting raped is so confusing in this teens head and expressing feelings through art helps her open up.i hope you understood what i meant.also by the way. did you know this book was a movie? it was pretty good but of corse the book is better(:hope i helpedxoxo-sky

What’s a good book/site/resource to get started on drawing.

Specifically, humans, humanoids, anthromorphs, etc. To a lesser extent, animals in general. I know that good drawing takes natural talent, but a nice resource to start off with would be nice. For example, I notice a lot of artists start by trying very basic geometrical shapes that fit the outline of a subject, then…

Those “How To” books are pretty useless, honestly (in my oppinion.) I always found anatomical books more useful. On my bookshelf is “Anatomy: A Complete Guide for Artists,” which is my favorite and helped me when I was learning figure drawing. The same would probably go for animals. It’s one things to learn what sort of “geometric shapes” a figure can be broken down to, but it is more useful to develop an understanding of anatomy to inform your drawings.

Help with 4th grade fractions must draw a picture.

Lara arranged books in her bookshelf by size. 2/10 were tall, 1/2 medium sized if 12 of the books were small how many books did she arrange. Thanks for any help you can offer. I need to explain this to my nine year old daughter.

Can’t exactly draw here with text, but I’ll try to describe enough for you to attempt it.We’ll call the total X, which is made up of 2/10 of X that are tall, plus 1/2 of X that are medium, plus just plain 12 that are small. Firstly, we can use the fact that 1/2 is the same as 5/10 to state that the sum of tall and medium books is equal to 7/10 of X (2/10 + 5/10). Since a “whole” X is 10/10, can you see that the 12 small books must make up the remaining 3/10 of X?Sooo, draw 10 boxes — and mark 3 of them with “S” for small. We know that those 3 boxes hold 12 books, so how many is that per box? 4, right? Now mark two of them “T” for tall. If each box had 4 books, how many is that? And lastly, mark the remaining boxes with an “M”… how many boxes are there of those? is it 1/2 of all boxes? How about that! And how many total books in those boxes if they each hold 4?So lastly you can just add up all of these books (4 per box, 10 boxes all together) to get 40 books (8 tall + 20 medium + 12 small).Tah dah!

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