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How to deal with conflict anxiety.

Whenever I get into so much as a heated argument with someone, I become nervous, shaky, and my heart rate increases dramatically. When I think the chance exists of the encounter escalating into a fight-or-flight scenario, I sometimes even stutter, experience insomnia, and will feel sick for the rest of the week,...

Do what you can to change what you don’t like about yourself before you try to tell others what is wrong with them.Accept the things that you cannot change.Be flexible.Remember 9-11. The country stood still for a day almost. What seemed so important became so unimportant.If your life ended in a week or a month, how would you decide to live differently.Determine what is in your control and what is not. If someone is upset at you, is it because you did something that you shouldn’t have, or, is it because they are having a problem with thier marriage or their boss, etc., and taking their frustrations out in the wrong way on others? Do you own the problem or do they?Go to the library and get some self-help books, or browse on The more you read those type of books (some are better than others and some aren’t worth reading however), the more insight you will gain into yourself.Pray and ask God for the strength and wisdom that you need.I will pray for you now.

How to deal with anxiety.

I have a real problem of work anxiety for some reason and I have been battling it for years now. I seem to be ok once I’m at work but just getting myself to go is the problem. I get myself so stressed out that is has caused me to get ulcers and physically feel sick. I even had this problem in school too. The…

Hi! I’m so sorry to hear you are feeling bad. It sounds like you have social anxiety. The following steps should help reduce your anxiety:1. Breathe properly – if you control your breathing, you control panic. As soon as you notice the signs of anxiety, check your breathing: breathe in slowly through your nose pushing your tummy out (to the count of 5 or so). Breathe out slowly and for a bit longer (to the count of 7 or so) through your mouth. Do not breathe rapidly or shallowly (in the chest area). This will soon restore the balance of oxygen and you will feel a lot better.2. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy! CBT is proven to be the most effective thing for panic attacks and anxiety. It takes a bit of work, but it is super effective. (After 15 years of panic attacks, mine stopped completely). You can speak to your doctor about taking a course or you can take a course for free online at:… (A ‘prettier’ version of this type of programme can be bought at If you don’t like computers, the best book is Dr Robert Burns, The Feeling Good Handbook. It basically teaches CBT and used by many psychologists.3. Try relaxation exercise tapes (progressive muscular relaxation). They really help if you practise often enough. This site has instructions on how to do it without the tapes (and other useful info):…With each of these steps, practise makes perfect. Hope you feel better soon! Good luck!

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How to deal with anxiety.

I’m a 17 year-old girl, and I need some help.For nearly 10 months, I’ve been suffering a mental crisis situation. I’m in a situation that my previous experiences and myself don’t seem to solve and handle. I’ve been suffering from shaky nerves, hot cheeks, negative thoughts, inner feeling of…

I bought “The Worry Cure” By Robert Leahy which is a great book. For me a miracle book. Better than any counsilor. He helped many people with his profession now he wrote this book to help many others. 7 steps to the worry cure. The book will help you figure out your worry (pattern) profile and you go from there.It is helping me a great deal. It was under $20.00 and worth every pennyFirst I checked it out on Google booksIf you can’t afford the book. Read it on google books. What you can at least or try to get it from the library. Many people have anxiety woman and men. It is very common. Many people with anxiety are great people!!! :)Best of luck to you!!!

How to deal with test anxiety.

I was never afraid or nervous about tests, until one day my principle told us that was HAVE to get good scores on the HSPA(NJ state test) to get a top rank school or something. Now every time finals come up or i have a big test I freak out, hyperventilate, cant sit still, shaking, and i get nauseous. Is there any…

I do that too! I just try to remain calm and know that if I get all worked up I won’t do good. Here’s some tips:1. Prepare for the exam prior to the night before.2. Step away from the computer and books every now and then. Physical activity lets you relax, focus your thoughts better, clear your head and get your juices running.3. Breathe deep and easily. Deep breathing offers an easy method of reducing stress.4. Laugh out loud. If you have a problem laughing alone, watch a short movie or sitcom.5. Visualize yourself calm and in control during your exam. Visualization techniques help reduce anxiety and prepare you for exams.6. Rest the night before a final.7.Arrive early. Double check the location and time of your exams and plan on arriving early, so you do not feel rushed.Pray and Good Luck!

How To Deal With Separation Anxiety.

I’m 22 years old, and I currently live with friends until I make enough money to live on my own (I only recently landed a second job, which I’m not even sure I’ll be keeping once the holiday season is through). They’re older and work a lot more than I do, and sometimes I’m left home alone all…

Sounds like you are homesick. I went through this before, but under different circumstances. Point being, it was a horrible feeling. I just couldn’t stand being left alone even for a min. I was under a lot of anxiety stress and I was before busy doing things and suddenly i did not know what to do with my time, even though I had no problems before. So..first u have to know that being alone for awhile is ok..secondly..when they all some stuff like watch something funny on a book..or take a bath read a mag and have some wine in a bubble on the some in home video yoga. eventually you will learn what you like to do alone or that you will start feeling it is ok to be alone for a bit.. think of it as your “me time”. hope all that helps a bit.

How to deal with anxiety.

I’ve given my boards this yr…and the uncertainty of getting into college(given entrance exams ,still waiting for the results) and thinkin of the board results is really killing me!!!! help!!!

This review is from: The 10 Best-Ever Anxiety Management Techniques: Understanding How Your Brain Makes You Anxious and What You Can Do to Change It (Paperback)I’ve had super-strong anxiety all my life, on and off with depression. Everybody knows the best way to help yourself permanently is a combination of medicine and behaviour modification, so after years of only doing the former, I set out to find the best information to tackle the latter.I looked at a million books online and in the library, bought a few, but by miles this is the best one of the lot. If you can only buy ONE book in your life to help you, make it this one.It is a fascinating read from beginning to end. I came to it not really caring why or how my brain was making me anxious- I just knew I wanted to stop how I was feeling. In fact, the most interesting part of the book is explaing how and why your brain causes your anxiety. Far from being a dry medical monologue of terminology and bio-chemistry, the information and the way it was presented was more like watching a fascinating documentry on Discovery Health. The information is solid and presented in a passionate and entertaining way (without dumbing anything down either, I might add) which says something for the author’s talent and style. I found myself smiling or chuckling sometimes when she’d explain a concept and why it works, and while I’m turning the page my brain is yelping, “Yeah, but so what! What if x, y or z is happening to you, then it’s not going to work is it!?” only to read on the next page when she continues that she’s ALREADY thought of my secret protestation, and goes on to shoot it down with logic and facts. Very funny!This isn’t a top 10 list like an extended Oprah magazine article, nor is it a finger wagging book telling you things like if you are feeling anxious to go write in your gratitude journal or take a bubble bath and give yourself affirmations in a mirror. These are very real, true ways that work with how a human brain naturally works itself: you are teaching yourself ways to override the chunk of your brain that is causing the anxiety response with another physical area of your brain that will control another action- your brain simply is not built to do both styles of things at once. You are forcing it by will to complete another task so it is unable to fire out those messages of anxiety. It really is an unbelievable read. After being this way my entire life from childhood to adulthood, I can say that after putting these techniques into practise that I am not that same person anymore, my life has improved dramatically and I am happier, more calm, less prone to depression and all-around a healthier person. Just buy the book. It is impossible that you won’t find it helpful, yourself.

How to deal with anxiety.

Well, I’ve been through a lot of anxiety lately due to family problems, and personal issues I’ve been dealing with. And now I notice that it’s taking its toll on me. Like it’s way too much and I don’t know how to fight it, because no matter what I do to cope with it, it always comes back. My…

If you are wanting a natural remedy, instead of chemical pills: Try L-Theanine sometimes called suntheanine. Two 100mg pills and you will feel in less than 1/2 hour.Another suggestion that I could give, is NOT to fight it…as hard as it seems, just go with it. Fighting is what causes the anxiety. Try to live in the moment…don’t think about the yesterday or tomorrow or even a minute from now, only that moment. 🙂 It works!One other tip is when you are feeling panic, is to rub your hand on your leg. Feel the fabric of your clothes. Is it soft? Rough? Smooth? This tip helps to bring you into the current moment if you are having a hard time doing it on your own. It kind of snaps you out of it.If I could make a recommendation to you, it would be to read the book “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle. It is changing my life. Oprah is also doing a FREE 10 week webinar that you can watch online about the book.

What is good book on learning how to deal with anger problems.

The Anger Workbook – a 13 step plan to help you. – Les Carter & Frank Minirth. – Minirth Meier Clinic Series. and Anger Management For Dummies. – W. Doyle. PhD. – Gentry. Try your library, local bokstore, or for these.A selection of treatments follow: If you can’t deal with it by using one of the techniques, such as counting backwards from 20, to 1, (and prevent yourself from making yourself angry, in the first place) is important to express that anger appropriately, at the time, and to the person who caused it, if possible, or immediately afterwards. If not, maybe by walking away later, and bellowing your rage and/or frustration. In some situations, such as work, or school, it might be better to cover your mouth with a cupped hand, bandanna/handkerchief, or use the crook of your elbow, to muffle the sound. Some people find that it helps to journal those thoughts, and emotions soon afterwards.Anger, which is repressed, rather than healthily expressed, tends to fester, and later may cause explosive fits of rage, or depression. Let yourself feel the burning energy of that anger, and visualise it, as vividly as possible, as a hot flame cleansing you. It can help to have someone you can talk to. For more physically inclined people, a punching bag, or hitting your pillow, can be an effective release mechanism: visualise, as vividly as you can, that you are striking back at the cause of that anger. “But next time, when you get mad, just remember this quote: ‘Those who anger you, conquer you.’ It’s basically saying that when you give someone the power to make you mad, or let it get to you, it’s like they’re controlling you.When I realized that, it made me mad, so I try to control my anger and not let people see it. You can still control your anger without being walked all over. You just have to draw a line.” Try saying to yourself, in your mind: “I am fire! I am ice!”. Repeat for as long as it takes for you to calm down sufficiently. Anger management is addressed in much more detail than can be included here, in section 4, at and practice daily, one of the relaxation methods in section 2, 2.c, 11, or 2.iA variant of Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing therapy, which has been used successfully for those people suffering from anxiety: it is easily learned, quick to use, yet can be very effective, is on page N, of section 6, and I use it before the relaxation techniques, because I have found that it makes them quicker to employ, and more effective. These will enable you to emotionally centre yourself, when practiced regularly. Yoga, and/or T’ai Chi may also help you become a calmer, more self controlled person, who is less influenced by the behaviour of others.

How to deal with Anxiety.

I am borderline, or I almost have an anxiety disorder. I have found some ways to help with it, like breathing with my hand over my face. I talked to my doc, and I decided not to go with drugs, for two reasons, I’m 14 and I don’t have a disorder technically. If anyone has any other tips, I would appreciate it.

Effective self-help techniques for generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) include:* Dealing with your worry and anxiety in more productive ways. This may involve challenging irrational worrisome thoughts, learning how to postpone worrying, and learning to accept uncertainty in your life.* Make any necessary anxiety-reducing lifestyle changes, such as eliminating caffeine, starting an exercise program, improving your diet, and drawing on the support of family and friends.* Learn and practice relaxation techniques, such as meditation and deep breathing. As you strengthen your ability to relax, your nervous system will become less reactive and you’ll be less vulnerable to anxiety and stress.Another effective approach to self-help for GAD involves learning how to self-soothe. Many people with generalized anxiety disorder don’t know how to calm and soothe themselves. But it’s a simple, easy technique to learn, and it can make a drastic difference in your anxiety symptoms.The best methods for self-soothing incorporate one or more of the physical senses: vision, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. Try the following sensory-based, self-soothing suggestions when your GAD symptoms are acting up:* Vision – Take in a beautiful view. Go to an art museum. Walk around a pretty neighborhood. Look at treasured photos or an interesting picture book.* Hearing – Listen to soothing music. Enjoy the sounds of nature: birds singing, ocean waves crashing on the beach, wind rustling through the trees.* Smell – Light scented candles. Smell the flowers in a garden. Breathe in the clean, fresh air. Stop by a bakery. Spritz on your favorite perfume.* Taste – Cook a delicious meal. Slowly eat a favorite treat, savoring each bite. Enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea.* Touch – Pet your dog or cat. Take a warm bubble bath. Wrap yourself in a soft blanket. Sit outside in the cool breeze. Get a massage.

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