How Much Does College Books Usually Cost

how much does a book usually cost to send by mail.

ive never been to the post office and i have to ship a book out today to san diego ca and i live in ca. i tried going on the usps website and it was impossible for me to figure it out i was just looking for a ballpark figure thanks!!its a college microbiology book

Step 1: Weigh the book.Step 2. Use the link below fro the USPS website.To find this from the USPS front page, click ‘Calculate Postage’ on the red bar across the page. Then click the ‘go’ button under ‘calculate domestic postage’.At the media mail rate, a 1lb. item costs $2.38 and a 2 lb. item costs $2.77.

How much does community college textbooks usually cost. .

It depends on what you’re studying. You can often get books for humanities classes pretty cheaply, but not always. Science and health books tend to be very expensive ($200 – $500 per class). Free vampire romance books

How much do college books really cost per semester.

Like if i get them through a cheaper online source because im sure the school book stores a rip off. im going to edinboro u in pa taking 5 classes math history psycology english forgot other one

Depends on the course and mainly the professor. Some will teach with the required material, others will male up there own and use handouts.I usually waited until the first day of class to get the syllabus so I could see whether I needed the books or not. Some sites have them for cheap and there are stores right off campus that have competitive deals sometimes.Try to find your professors via email or go to campus and ask them if you really need the book or not.

How much does the average book cost for college.And how much do a years wirth of books usually cost on average

How much does the average book cost for college?And how much do a years worth of books usually cost on average?I’m looking for a general idea……Maybe someone could tell me what theirs cost????I’m going for a teaching degree,if that helps any…..

Each book, depending on the courses, vary in cost. Books for courses in languages, medical, and math run up to $200. Other books are generally $100-$150. So take a look at your courses and average about $100 for all your books except those in language, medical, math, and so on. And if you can, after getting your schedule, get list of the textbooks and you can buy them ahead of time on for so cheap (believe me its better than buying whole price and not getting anything back when you sell them).

how much do college books cost for a nursing major .

I’m going to Kent State University in the fall for nursing and I’m trying to figure out how much my books will cost my first year.So far I’m enrolled in basic algebra IDKS: Frst year experienceGeneral Psychologyintroduction to philosophyand college writing Iso, any estimates would be…

My first year as a science major, it cost me approx. 1000$ for my books.My anthropology major friend paid about 700$ for her books.If you know the exact course, you might be able to email or call your school book store and get an appraisal, i know for us we can check on-line, you might be able to also (book store usually knows what book is needed for what class).

How much does college usually cost total.

Depends on where you go. State Universities after tuition, room and board, and books can cost maybe $10,000-20,000 per year. Private schools can cost as much as $55,000 per year and maybe even higher.

around how much does one college textbook usually cost.

they can be extremely expensive. The most expensive I’ve boughten was around $130.but they can be really cheap too. My used sociology book was aquired over through someone local in my area for around $20.Chemistry, Biology, and Math classes seem to have books that cost more.Less general classes like anthropology, life & fitness, etc. wouldnt be too costly.If $ is a concern I would rent books by googling “rent college books” and some site should allow you to do so.

How much does college usually cost.

cost of college depends on a lot of things.1. What type of college you’re going to:Community colleges will be the cheapest, followed by public universities and then private universities. Ivy league schools will be the most.2. What part of the country they’re in. Colleges in smaller communities, even if they are four year schools will have cheaper tuition. Colleges in large cities like NY, and LA and other places that have very high cost of living will be more as well then colleges in the midwest.3. What type of degree you’re planning to get. Obviously, the longer you’re in school the more it’ll cost. But, even in the same school, some degrees will cost more because they have more fees associated with them. Engineering and science classes often cost more then english classes. You also have to factor in how many and what types of books you have to buy. A class that requires two large text books ends up being more expensive than a lit class that has paperback literature books required.4. What type of student you are. If you end up changing your major a lot of have to retake several classes then college will cost more for you then another student.5. You also have to factor in living expenses, which goes back to your area of the country. California has a very high cost of living so going to school out there will cost more than going to school in kansas even if you end up paying identical tuition.

How much do used college books usually cost.

intermediate algebraintro to computerchemistryessential college writing

Prices can very widely depending on the book its self; if its hard back, and if its a newer edition it will probably cost alot more.intermediate algebra $70-$100intro to computer $50-$70chemistry $100 and up (I once had a chem book that was $200 ouch!)essential college writing $20-$30try amazon and….don’t buy directly from the campus you will get ripped off!

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