How Do I Download Audible Books

How do I install audio books on a Samsung Focus/ Windows Phone 7.

How do I install audio books on a Samsung Focus/ Windows Phone 7?

Assuming you are using, you can’t. Audible doesn’t save directly to .mp3 or .wma file and it’s audible manager does not currently support Windows Phone 7 devices.However, you can download programs which will convert audible files (.aa) to .mp3 format — and split them into multiple .mp3 files. For example GoldWave. These generally aren’t free, often take a while, and are a hassle (both to convert and find your place within .mp3 files when you pause).

how long does it take for a audible book to appear on a kindle.

i download a audible book from and i has not yet appeared on my kindle i did all the steps

Make sure your kindle wireless option is turned on.

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how do I get my audio book from audible to my sony walkman.

SO I have an audio book, it gets confusing I needed to download some software audible manager and I did. I clicked the download button on the website and successfully have my book in audible manager so I can listen to it on my computer. SO how do I get it on my sony walkman. It doesn’t seem to recognize my…

Just drag and drop the files from the folder to whatever program you use to sync the Walkman, probably Windows Media Player.

Do any of you know where i can download a free audible book of “Breaking Dawn”. I went to a website&u 2 pay.

I went to and they wanted me to do a 14day trial then i would be able to download 2 free books but they want my mom’s credit card # and she was afraid that they would take money out of her account. How do i find a FREE no charges no trial downloadable of the whole entire book “Breaking Dawn”?

Free Download of the book Breaking Dawn is taking money away from the author. If you do find one, it is probably illegal and I would frown upon it. Just find a place and pay for it, or sit in front of your computer and read the book into a microphone and create it yourself.

How do I download Audio Books to a USB flash drive.

I have a SanDisk Extreme Cruzer Contour USB 2.0 Flash Drive – 8GB. I signed up on to download an audio book, however when I wanted to download it to my device, it told me that this device was not on their list of compatible devices. I called the help center and they told me the same thing. Can you…

You need to remove the DRM protection first. I usually use Audiobook converter to convert them to mp3 format. You can go to to download the program.

how do i download an audio book to an mp3 player.

what mp3 player are you using? for audible, there’s audible manager software for you to download it

How do i get free audio book downloads.

I want to download the harry potter and the deathly hallows audio book to my laptop but everywhere costs to join. Is there a website that doesn’t make you pay?

You won’t be able to download any for free (at least nothing with any quality), but is fairly reasonably priced (Better than iTunes). Or you could borrow the audio book on CD from your local library and copy them from the disk onto your computer. This is a bit time consuming, but free.

How to access books on Audible app.

I own audio books on kindle, but can only access them on my laptop. I’ve downloaded Audible app, but after signing in it says I own no books. How do I access my books?

Did you register the audible app to the same Amazon account? And you have a valid credit or debit card in that Amazon account?If so, then got to your Amazon site with a browser.Pick menu Your Account… Manage Your Content and DevicesThen you see a list of Amazon content your account ownsPick SHOW: AudiobooksFind the Audiobook you purchased. Click the […] (dot dot dot) next to itPick DeliverChoose your newly registered app

How do you download a book from audible.

i want to try for books but im not sure how the books would get to my ipod Touch. do i just plug my ipod in? please help!

hey, when you install the “audible manager” on your computer it will detect your portable devices (if connected) and you’ll see an export option. it is important to use the audible manager cause the files are always aax,aac, or similar. so they are drm protected and you need the app to run it. if you want to get them in mp3 format you need a drm converter such as – otherwise you need to use their app to play them.

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