How To Download Audible Books To Ipod

How do audio-books work.

I have a 6th generation 80gb ipod and I wanted to get an audio book (book on tape) kind of program.I’m interested on being able to listen to books on the go, as I spend hours on the subway each day.So I’d like to know:How do audio books work? I saw on the website you have to pay a monthly fee. Do you…

I think the way Audible works is that you pay monthly and get credits to use to buy books. You can buy many of the same books from iTunes and only pay for what you buy without a subscription or commitment. Audible has some additional features like bookmarking, but I don’t know if that makes it worth it.On a Kindle, most e-books are audio enabled, so you might want to check that out at Amazon.Many local public libraries are great sources for audio books. You can borrow the discs free and import them to iTunes to sync to your iPod. And some libraries belong to consortiums that lend digital copies of them. Free, safe and legal — what better use for our tax dollars? BTW: it’s also a great source for music.

On do you get the audiobook via email.

On how do you receive the audio book? Through mail? email? the website? And can I put the audiobook onto my ipod?

You use an Audible app on your computer. It will link to your account and download what you have purchased. Your player syncs to that.In the case of an iOS device, you use the Audible app, where it directly downloads.In any case, email is just used to send you service notifications, and emails about specials.

I survived series

Is it illegal to read books online.

While on vacation I realized I left my books at home, but after a quick google search found them available online. I opened the file but after realizing how weird it was that I paid for the books but I could have just gotten them for free, I thought it was probably illegal, but I’m not sure. Could I get into…

In some cases, there are websites though that allow you to read books free online. You can check your local library’s website to see if they have ebooks free for you to read/listen to. Also their is watpad, an app that can be downloaded on your ipod, iphone, or ipad. There are plenty of websites that have free books to read which isn’t illegal, but most websites will ask you to create and account. My advice is to find a website that you like and create an account. Some books are impossible to find online to read (i know from experience after searching for over an hour and a half). It might be illegal, but depends if it is copyrighted or not. Here are a few choices (future) with FREE LEGAL books: hope this helped.

How to transfer audio books from my PC to itunes.

I downloaded an audio book to my computer and I need to put the file into iTunes so i can put it on my iPhone

If you have audio or video files on your computer, you can import them into iTunes so that they appear in your iTunes library.To add media from MusicMatch Jukebox or Audible Manager to your iPod, iPhone, or iPad, you need to first import it into iTunes.Here are ways to add items from your computer to your iTunes library:1. Drag a file or folder from the desktop to the iTunes window.2. If you add a folder, all the files it contains are added to your library.3. In iTunes, choose File > “Add to Library,” locate a file or folder, and then click Choose.

Anyone know where I can download the How To Kill A Mockingbird free audiobook for my iPod.

This is one of my favorite books, so if you haven’t read it before you’re in for a treat.Go to: have to sign up for a two week free trial, but you get one free audio book download. I’m sure they’ll have To Kill a Mockingbird. They have all the classics.I did this a long time ago, so I don’t remember all the fine print. I think it is one of those where you have to fill in your credit card/ pay pal info and then after the two weeks, if you haven’t cancelled your trial memebership, it will automatically start charging monthly dues.They are a reputable site though, so as long as you read the agreement and set yourself a reminder, you won’t need to spend a penny. They don’t spam or sell any information to third parties so you don’t have to worry about that.Due to copy right laws, you will not be able to legally download a free copy of the book without signing up for some kind of “trial membership.” If that’s the way you’re going to go, I would do it with these guys.Happy listening!

What websites can I buy books from and download to my Ipod.

Besides Itunes where can I buy audiobooks for my ipod. I bought a book from and I can’t get it to load onto my ipod. Is there an easy way to do that?

I use top-shelf-audiobooks,com. It is very easy and they have littel videos right on their site to show you exactly how to do it.

How do I get an audio book onto my Ipod.

I purchased an audio book from and downloaded it to Itunes. When I go to sync my Ipod however, the audio book is not included in the sync. How do I get it on my Ipod? I have tried dragging it to my Ipod, but it won’t let me.

You can use AVCWare iPod/iphone to iPod/Computer/iTunes Transfer.With it you can:1: Transfer iPod files to Computer2: Transfer iPod files to new iPod3: Transfer iPod files to iTunes4:Transfer local files to iPod without iTunes5: Manage your iPod like a movable hard drive and transfer ipod videos/photos/music between iPod and iPod, iPod and computer/laptop, ipod and itunes.You can find it here: iPod to iPod/computer/iTunes transfer fully supports the latest iPhone OS 3.0, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch FW 3.0, and iTunes 8.2.It is easy to use and you can try it now.

Putting books on to your ipod.

How can I put a book on to my ipod?? I looked everywhere but can’t find it, please helpThanks in advance

Well, you have a few choices.First: Download an audiobook onto your computer ( is a good site, otherwise straight off itunes) and then put it on your ipod.Second: Type the book out onto ‘Notepad’ or whatever your computer uses. (This requires multiple ones, as the ipod can only read so much off one document)

How do you download a book from audible.

i want to try for books but im not sure how the books would get to my ipod Touch. do i just plug my ipod in? please help!

hey, when you install the “audible manager” on your computer it will detect your portable devices (if connected) and you’ll see an export option. it is important to use the audible manager cause the files are always aax,aac, or similar. so they are drm protected and you need the app to run it. if you want to get them in mp3 format you need a drm converter such as – otherwise you need to use their app to play them.

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