How Many Books Are In The Pll Series

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Loved:MatchedHeaven looks a lot like a mall13 reasons whyThe Summer I turned PrettyPLL SeriesLying Game SeriesMy Life in Pink and GreenWonderPerks of being a WallflowerThe fault in our starsThe VowI know what you did last SummerAND SO MANY MORE.Harry Potter= ehhhhHunger Games= Book 1=good, Rest...

Dystopian with romance:Delirium by Lauren Oliver (Futuristic novel about how love is a disease)Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi (Action with romance about a girl who has powers: everything she touches dies)The Selection by Kiera Cass (The bachelor type of book set in a futuristic America)Romance/girly books:How My Summer Went Up in Flames by Jennifer DoktorskiSmart Girls Get What They Want by Sarah StrohmeyerMegan Meade’s Guide to the McGowan Boys by Kate Brian (similar to The Summer I Turned Pretty)

In Pretty Little Liars (TV SERIES.) will alison end up having a twin sister.

Hey!Well i’ve read all the books for PLL and now i watch the TV series. I was just wondering if they’re gonna make Ali have a twin ?? I hope they don’t because that means i’ll have watched like 5 seasons (depends on how many there are) to find out something I already knew !! Lol!! And also before…

I think they are going to go with a twin storyline. There have been clues in some of the episodes and in one of the flashbacks to Alison’s bedroom it shows a picture of Alison, Jason and Courtney.I think you are right that they are going to have both girls alive. I think A is Courtney and Redcoat is Alison. Free amharic books

Can anyone tell me how many pages long Pretty Little Liars # 8 is.

I need to know the number of pages in this book: Wanted, part of the PLL series.PLEASE HELPI appreciate it. =)

272 pages.

Pretty Little Liars prediction (Books).

I am a huge fan of the PLL series and I love all the books. I was wondering how many more books is she going to write? Yes we don’t know yet, but I want your prediction. I just finished reading Twisted and I’m excited for more! On the PLL website they have the next two books that will come out. The first…

i have no clue honestly 🙁 but im soo excited too! i would guess it would depend on how Stunning ended because if its anything like the other books we know itll continue but she could always just decide to finish it soo…i predict therell be one last book (or two) after Stunning..but im hoping therell be more than that xP

The Lying Game Book question. 10 points..

I’ve read PLL – And I love them! So now I want to read TLG! But I don’t quite understand the way it’s written. Do you see it from Sutton point-of-view? Or does it switch so you hear a little about Sutton(as a ghost) and then it goes back to Emma?And also do you know if there’s gonna be more TLG…

The point of view switches in the Lying Game books, from Sutton to Emma, with more Emma. I don’t know how many titles Sara Shepard is planning to put out in that series. My guess would be she’s going to do at least 6. And as far as the boxed set goes, that’s up to the publisher. I haven’t seen any listing for it on Amazon yet, so I don’t know. But I highly recommend the Lying Game series! I read all the PLL books, too, and I like the Lying Games even better.

When will the pretty little liars series end.

I love the series and all but sara said that the 8th book would be the last and now there is a 9th book out and a 10th on the way… Im just wondering how many books can we expect from her in that series? I thought it was over… Does anyone know?

NEVER!!! (I hope) I love PLL I’m a total fan! But Sara is always saying her books will end. I honestly thought Killer was going to be the last book (hence the TITLE) but I was mistaken. My theory is that the first several books were trying to lead us on and keep the readers guessing who the killer was (which was interesting and gave the series lots of good reviews) but after like the seventh book and now theres an eighth? I seriously think she just wants money and the next three books will probably not be as mysterious as the first four. Sorry:(

Should i read book 0 and 4.5 in pretty little liars.

So i’m reading the pretty little liars books series and i’m in book 5 (just started) SO PLEASE NO SPOILERS!!! Anyway, i download all the released books as pdf and i know that there are 2 books that havent been released yet, but there were also other books which are “Ali’s Pretty Little Lies”…

The 16th book will be the final installment in the series. It says so on the pll website. I just finished book 14 and highly recommend reading book 4.5 before you finish book 5. Finish books 5-14 and then go back an read Ali’s Pretty Little Lies last. It pretty much wraps everything up. As it is written in Alison’s point of view and tells the story of the weeks leading up to her disappearance.

Does anyone know how many PLL books Sara is gonna write.

Seriously, when will the book series end? I just finished the latest book which was released 2 weeks ago (book 14) and the book was amazing excpet i think shes over-extending the novels, she could’ve just ended right there and it would’ve been the perfect ending but anyway, does anyone have a definite…

Shepard said in an interview in June 2013, at the time of the release of book 13, that the series would run to 16 books. (She also said that she had extended the series because “readers wanted it)Few novel series remain good beyond about 6 books. In this case, her original contract was for 4 books but that was extended to 8 while she was writing the second book in the series. I think the story arc really was for 8 books, and the extension to 12 and later 16 was probably a mistake. It also means that we have been told before that the series was ending (at 8, then at 12 books, now 16). Like too many successful series, there is the danger that the publisher and the author will start to see the books as “sure-fire” sales and run the whole series into the ground for the sake of squeezing out the last penny they can.

How many PLL (Pretty Little Liars) books are there.

I just started reading this series and got a bunch of the books from my library. How many books are there? On Google, I have only found 8 which is Wanted…. if there r any more let me know 🙂

There are technically 13 Books. The novel Pretty Little Secrets was released in January of 2012, but it is set between the 4th (Unbelievable) and 5th (Wicked). It’s basically a prequel-type book.By release dates, the books go as follows:Pretty Little Liars (#1)Flawless (#2)Perfect (#3)Unbelievable (#4)Wicked (#5)Killer (#6)Heartless (#7)Wanted (#8)Pretty Little Secrets (Prequel)Twisted (#9)Ruthless (#10)Stunning (#11)Burned (#12)

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