How To Transfer Kindle Books

how to transfer a book from kindle to amazon account to ipod.

i have my kindle that was registered to my parents account but now i have it registered to my own account but, i dont know how to take the old books off my kindle and put them on to my amazon account so i can download them to my ipod. ugh! someone please help.

I’m sorry that you just can’t transfer a kindle book from an account to another. Amazon just doesn’t allow it. So the best thing you can do will be to login the Kindle app on iPod with another Amazon account to read that book. After finish, then you login back to your own account.Here you can find the details of registering and deregistering on your Kindle app of iPod:…Hope this helps.

Kindle books transfer.

If I have a iPad with kindle app. And want to buy a kindle. Can I transfer them to the kindle if so how?

You would just put in your same amazon account that you used when purchasing books on your ipad into your new kindle when setting up, and then will be able to access all the books you purchased. Some book publishers put restrictions on the number of devices a book can be on at once (generally 1 purchased book can be downloaded onto up to 5 devices).If your still in the market for a kindle you might check out the refurbished generation 2 deal amazon is offering for just $110 shipped including free 3g access:…Or you could opt for the latest kinde 3. The kindle 3 has a slightly better display, web browser and smaller form factor, but more expensive (especially if you want 3g):…Anyways good luck! 2nd grade reading level books online free

How to transfer for kindle fire books.

My dad gave me his Kindle Fire about a year ago. For awhile I was using his amazon account to buy e-books. I eventually created my own accounts and have since purchased several more books. The problem is, is that I now don’t have access to those books on my dad’s account. I could log in to his account and…

To transfer them all back onto the kindle you plug the cord into the kindle and put the other end in your vagina or anus

What about Kindle Books.

How do the Kindle books be put into the Kindle format? Do you have to buy kindle books from Amazon? Would I be able to use some of the the printed books that I have and transfer them to Kindle version for Amazon?

Kindle books are in a proprietary format. For books still protected by copyright, getting them from Amazon really is your only choice.For books no longer protected by copyright, I know of a site called Project Gutenberg that has many Kindle format books available for free. Amazon also has many out of copyright Kindle eBooks available for free.Last I checked, there was no place to plug in a USB cable on a printed book,and transfer it to any electronic device. So no. Theoretically, you could scan each and every page one long .pdf document, and import that into your Kindle.

How do I transfer kindle books to android phone.

I have a bunch of books and articles on Kindle for PC (the free Amazon reader download) and I have the kindle reader (again free amazon download) on my android phone. How do I get the books from my PC kindle library onto my android library?

Just get the Kindle reading app on your Android device. Then register it to your Amazon account, and you’ll see all your Kindle books. Here you can find everything you need to know, about the Kindle reading apps on Android:…

How to transfer kindle books to itunes.

I have Kindle on my mac. And i want to put it on itunes to put on my ipod anyway to download it onto itunes??

you can use leawo itransfer to put your kindle book onto itunes.

How to transfer books from kindle pc app to kindle iphone app.

I just added two books to my kindle pc app and theyre not appearing on my iphone app.. how do i transfer them?

I am assuming these are Amazon purchases, as things like torrent downloads don’t sync…you would have to manually load into each device.Open Kindle app on iPhone, and make sure you are in “cloud” screen (not device). Touch and hold screen while dragging down, then release. This will sync all Amazon purchases (Kindle) to that device. Sometimes it takes a few minutes after purchasing a book before it is available on all devices. You will have to have Internet access to sync Kindle app.

How to transfer Kindle book to Ipod Touch.

Hey guys! I just downloaded the kindle app on my Ipod and I need some help. There is a kindle book that I want to buy on Amazon but I don’t know how to transfer it to my Ipod. My Ipod is the Ipod touch 4th generation.I really need you to dumb it down for me, if you can.

You can buy it directly from the iPod touch….just log into your account and buy the book. Oh, and you can have the same books on more than 1 device. 😀 so if you were to get a Kindle, you could have the same books on your iPod touch as you do on your Kindle. :)I hope I helped!

how to transfer kindle books and movies from laptop to kindle.

My answer has two assumptions:1. The Kindle and laptop both access the same account2. The eBooks and movies were purchased from Amazon.If that is the case, the books and movies are yours on the Cloud, tied to your amazon account, available to access on any Kindle registered to that account.Simply look in the book or video library on the Kindle, choose Cloud, and you should see them there. Choose it and enjoy!

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