How Do I Get Books On My Audible App

Can my kindle hdx read my purchased books aloud to me.

is there some sort of application that can read my books to me?

In two ways, the Kindle HDX can ready many Amazon-purchased ebooks to you.1. MANY (but not all) Kindle ebooks from Amazon allow Text-to-Speech (i.e. a computer voice reading the ebook to you). The Kindle book’s sale page Product Details (below the Description) will state if Text-to-Speech is Enabled. For example, this Kindle book says it is enabled (it is the publisher’s choice)…if you have a Text-to-Speech enabled ebook from Amazon, here is how to do the Text-to-Speech on Kindle Fire HDX…2. Some Kindle ebook sale pages, under the price and length say “Whispersync for Voice” – like this one…This mean if you also BUY the Audible ebook at Amazon (generally at a much-reduced price if you have already bought the ebook). THEN you have both the ebook and the actor-read audiobook and the kind can play the audiobook while you read the ebook. Or you can just listen to the digital audiobook. You may need to add the Audible app to your Kindle HDX (not sure). I think your Amazon login works as your Audible login. And note – you DO NOT need an Audible subscription so just avoid ever clicking yes to that.As with the Kindle ebooks, you can also install the Audible app on other devices to listen to your purchased Audible audiobooks..NOTE – if you want something that will read aloud ebooks that you did not get at Amazon, then you are on your own. I don’t think the Kindle HDX will do text-to-speech on non-Amazon ebooks at all. I believe you would have to find a different ebook reader app with text-to-speech capability.

Is a subscription to audible audio book app worth it.

How much is a monthly subscription? Is it worth the money?

Prices vary depending upon the plan. Basically, you buy credits. Then you trade credits for books. The price of the credits depends upon the plan. The cheapest plan gets you one credit per month, which comes to $14.95 per month. I signed up for the plan where you pay $230 once, for 24 credits, which comes to around $9.50 per credit. Most books cost one credit. Given that they can have a “street price” of $30 or more, this usually works out pretty well. The membership also gives you access to discounts on cash purchases, which can be really great. They also often have sales where you can get two books for one credit, which costs even less.As to whether it’s worth it, that’s up to you. I listen to audiobooks while out walking and hiking, around 2 hours per day. It’s great for me. But it really depends upon how often you’d listen and how many books you can find that you like. I haven’t had any that I would consider actively bad, even after several years. Some are better than others, but I haven’t encountered any duds. If you’re looking for something to occupy you while commuting or on road trips or exercising then I recommend it.My understanding is that they have a free trial. Give that a whirl and judge for yourself. It should show you the special prices for members and you can browse their catalog and see what interests you and how much it would cost with and without membership. They do have audio samples to give you an idea of how the narrator is. Descendants books for free

How do you get audiobooks on Windows 10.

I know I own audiobooks on my Amazon account, but whenever I go to “Kindle” on a computer with Windows 10, it only shows regular printed books. Can you even get audio books on a laptop?

You can buy the Audible audiobooks at Amazon and they are often cheaper if you bought the ebook there. I bought one yesterday. Don’t pick the Listen for Free option because that will sign you up to a $15/month Audible subscription that only gives you one audiobook per month.You can also buy Audible audiobooks at (with your Amazon login).To listen to your already-owned Audible audiobooks on Windows 10, you can log into then pick Library in the top area of the window. Pick the Audiobook you own that you wish to listen to.OR install the Audible app for Windows 10 and then you should be able to download the Audiobook and listen to it offline.Here are the Audible apps – scroll way down for the Windows 10 one.…

How do i make my samsung galaxy tab read to me.

i wanted to know how i could make my samsung galaxy tab read to me. I downloaded the kindle app so i would have al the books off my kindle but i wanted to know how i could make it read to me like the old kindle does. Thanks.Another thing is, i was assigned to read a book for school and i hate reading so i would…

Sorry, but the Kindle Text to Speech functionality works only on Kindles. It doesn’t work on the Kindle app on other hardware platforms. You could look into buying audiobooks through Audible, which is owned by Amazon. A lot of times they sell the audio version at a discount if you own the Kindle version.As for a short war book, try Johnny Got His Gun by Dalton Trumbo. I believe it’s only around 200 pages or so.

how do i put audiobooks from Audible on my kindle fire.

i just downloaded an audio book from Amazon and it is now in my Audible library but every time i click on the kindle button thing it says there is no device connected. i don’t know if that is because i have a HD 7 or not but any help on this matter would be much appreciated.

The easiest way is to install the Audible app, which is free. Then you can donwload it directly using the app.

How does audible work.

I am looking into audible to listen to audio books. If I sign up for their monthly membership and get a free book is that my book for life or is it like a rental. Are any books I get through them whether free or paid mine for life? If I cancel my monthly membership how can i still listen to the books.

When you sign up with Audible, you choose a plan. Each plan involves paying a certain amount of money and getting a certain number of credits, usually 1 or 2 credits per month. You use the credits to buy audiobooks, which are generally 1 credit each. You also get a discount for those purchased without credits. You’ll need to download a special downloader from them. The files are in a proprietary format, but can be added to iTunes or WMP. You can then put them on devices like iPods as well as burn them to disc. I haven’t canceled my subscription, but from reading various forums I gather that the books are yours even if you do. And like I said, you can always download them and then burn them to CD to be 100% sure of not losing them. Their FAQ at… says that even if you cancel, you have access to your online library, which implies that you can still re-download the content you purchased as well.I’ve been a member for almost a year and have been very happy with them. I listen to audiobooks while working out and on road trips. They can be kind of addictive. If you decide to join and like fantasy or humor, I highly recommend Agatha H and the Airship City by Phil and Kaja Foglio, which I just finished. They’re also having a sale at the moment with certain books available for 50% off the list price.

On do you get the audiobook via email.

On how do you receive the audio book? Through mail? email? the website? And can I put the audiobook onto my ipod?

You use an Audible app on your computer. It will link to your account and download what you have purchased. Your player syncs to that.In the case of an iOS device, you use the Audible app, where it directly downloads.In any case, email is just used to send you service notifications, and emails about specials.

How do you download a book from audible.

i want to try for books but im not sure how the books would get to my ipod Touch. do i just plug my ipod in? please help!

hey, when you install the “audible manager” on your computer it will detect your portable devices (if connected) and you’ll see an export option. it is important to use the audible manager cause the files are always aax,aac, or similar. so they are drm protected and you need the app to run it. if you want to get them in mp3 format you need a drm converter such as – otherwise you need to use their app to play them.

Can someone please explain Kindle to me.

I honestly don’t get it…Do I have to pay a monthly fee? How do I get books on my phone that aren’t samples? Are there audiobooks on it?

There are 3 Kindles of “Kindle” — Kindle Fire Tablet (color LCD tablets Fire HD, Fire HDX)- Kindle Ereader (grayscale eInk screen models Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Voyage)- Kindle app (free ereader app available for most computers and smart mobile devices)All of the above can read Kindle ebooks from Amazon. You BUY the ebooks. Some ebooks at Amazon are free and most have prices. You must have a credit or debit card in your Amazon account settings to buy any complete ebooks, even free ones. And your Kindle (whatever kind) must be registered to your account to read the ebooks that account buys.There is no monthly fee unless you want there to be one. There is an optional “Kindle Unlimited” subscription (which I have) and that costs about $9.99/month (depending on country) and allows to to borrow up to 10 ebooks at a time from 700,000 of Amazon’s ebooks (this is not all ebooks, and is mainly lower-price ebooks and not bestsellers, not e-textbooks). A much smaller number of Audible audiobooks are also borrowable.Re audiobooks – you CANNOT play audiobooks on Kindle ereaders because they have no audio at all. You CAN play Audible audiobooks on Kindle Fire tablets using the Audible App. You can play Audible audibooks on most computers and smart mobile devices by using an Audible app. Audible has their own subscription of $15/moth which gets you only one free audiobook per month. You DO NOT have to sign up for that. You can just BUY the individual Audible audiobooks (which are often cheaper if you have already purchased the ebook).There is also text-to-speech – SOME ebooks at Amazon allow text-to-speech, i.e. a computer voice reading the ebook. The sales page will say if Text-to-Speech is enabled (a publisher choice). I believe you can only use text-to-speech on a Kindle Fire tablet OR on a Windows PC with the “accessibility” version of the Kindle Reader app for PC.

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