How Can I Sell Books On Amazon

how can i sell my book on kindle.

hey, my sister told me you can put your book up on kindle to sell. i’m not too bothered about selling, im happy for it to go on for free but i just want to know how to do this?

Actually, the Amazon site CAN be used for that, but if the book is not good it will not sell. They also do not offer any promotion for your work, so you have to self-promote it. If you want to post it on Amazon to appear in their Kindle store go to and read their instructions for uploading to their site.

How can I sell an ebook on amazon.

I am intending to write a good self help book which could help people to improve their lives and achieve their goals.

you just need a basic amazon account to then request a kindle kdp seller account. u can choose if you want a 35% or 70% commission split. run free promos to get your book ranked high. i have a book on amazon not making me rich but makes a few bucks a month

I survived books free

how much money can I make selling used books on amazon.

I plan to sell books on amazon next month and want to know about an average of what I will make every month I would expect about 30-50 a month. Appreciate an answer as I’m very eager to hear from those who are sellers already

Depends on if they are textbooks or regular books. I’m selling books, textbooks, dvds, and games and my average is about $24 a month. I think anywhere between $20 and $30 should be reasonable to start out with. Textbooks bring in a lot of my moneyHere are some tips when it comes to selling books on amazon:

How do I start selling books on

need to know what it cost and is their other sites i can do this on other than ebay ? is a great place to sell books, textbooks, and most anything else. Here are details on their fees: best way to sell books and textbooks (or anything else, for that matter) is to use the “Sell yours here” option, which you can find detail on by clicking here: luck!

HOW would i sell my books on amazon.

i made an account but i dont know where to go to try and sell my books? help.

Sign in, click on “My Account” and somewhere on there it will have an option to view your Seller Account. From there, you can list things, view your items for sale, etc.

How can I sell books on with a US Bank account.

I’d like to resell several of my books but I do not have a UK bank so I don’t think I can recieve cheques. Any ideas on how I can sell and still recieve transactions to my American account?

the customer would pay Amazon directly – not you and they probably have to pay with a credit card online, not thru the mail with a check – all online commerce is done with credit cards or paypal accounts, etc – then you just transfer the funds from your amazon account (they deduct their commissions and fees first) to the bank account you attached to your amazon accountif you are shipping from the US to UK, you might not receive enough postage (amazon charges a standard cost) to cover your actual postage costs, so if this your situation, you might not want to do it

How do I sell books on Amazon.

I’m new at selling books onto Amazon and I was wondering how you would do it. I have a 3rd grade Social Studies book and a 3rd grade Math book that i want to put up for sale.

Look at books that have already been listed with the same titles and try to emulate the best of the best. Also look at some of the bigger sellers and try to do what they do.Did you know that you can profit from Wigix without even selling products? And selling items under $25 is free. Sign up for free and become a category expert, add products to the catalog for 5% profit sharing and sign up friends and make money on their profits.Sign up free at…

How do I sell books on Amazon.

I think ebay is a bit of a rip off. (I’d like to sell my books for more than 99 cents!)I’ve never even noticed a tutorial or anything on selling things on amazon. Are businesses the only people who can sell on amazon?

You don’t have to sell your books on ebay for 99 cents. Set a reserve price and if it’s not met it doesn’t sell.For amazon go to On the left hand side of the page there’s a section called features and services with a section on Selling on Amazon.

How can I sell books on Amazon.

I have so many books and the local bookstore doesn’t give a lot of money if I sell them back. Any suggestions?

You can use the Amazon trade in program to get Amazon gift cards.…ℬ ℋ

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