How Many Books Can I Borrow With Amazon Prime

Can someone please give some good advice towards my problems in life.

My first problem is MONEY. Basically I’ve been poor all my life and I also have autism and aspergers, meaning it’s VERYYYYY hard for me to communicate with others that I do not know. When I was a child I used to get bullied for not being able to talk to others because I felt like they were all aliens to me...

You write well – so write books – I’m retired and am writing books to supplement my pension – I wish the internet had been around when I was your age – I’d be a wealthy man now if it had been – go take a look at the two I have up in the Amazon Prime Kindle Select eBook Store and Free Lending Library at the moment – you can read the first few pages of each using the ‘look inside’ facility without having to buy or borrow themI’m currently having the first one prepared for publication as a paperback by Amazon Create Space

best self-publishing distribution options…based on experienced answers.

I am looking to be published and it seems (although tricky) easiest to self-publish and retain the rights to my words so having multiple distributors is an option.I have noticed createspace gives a free ISBN number which is confusing to me because technically shouldn’t I just buy one from Bowker? Can I…

I’ve self-published through Amazon (Kindle Direct Publishing), Smashwords, Lulu and CreateSpace.Not all retailers and distributors who sell self-published books require your book to have an ISBN. Those who do require one don’t care who gave it or sold it to you. The difference between getting an ISBN from CreateSpace and buying your own from Bowker is simply that the CreateSpace one can only be used for copies of the book that they print. You couldn’t use it if you wanted to do an edition with Lulu, for example. You also couldn’t use it for an electronic edition of the book, as the ISBN is specific to the book’s format. (Hardback and paperback editions of the same book have different ISBNs, for example.)CreateSpace can create a Kindle edition of your book for you and upload it to Amazon. I’ve never done this, but I don’t think I’d recommend it (!). For one thing, the royalties are lower than if you did it yourself. For another, I can’t see them being willing to spend a lot of time on doing it, because most books don’t sell enough copies to justify that. So they’ll take your book, beautifully formatted for paper, and run it through a converter program that takes a best guess about what it should look like on a Kindle. The results usually aren’t pretty.$9.99 is a good sort of price for a paperback, but is way over the odds for an ebook. The going rate for self-published books (novels, anyway) is around $2.99. Maybe $3.99 once you’ve built a reputation. $2.99 is the minimum price on Amazon at which you qualify for the 70% royalty rate, which is probably why so many books sell for that much. Amazon does a lot to justify their commission, but very little of it requires human intervention, which means they can still make a profit on a dollar or less per book sold.(Similarly with CreateSpace, unless you buy any of their extra services like editing and cover design, printing copies of your book requires no human attention. It doesn’t really cost them anything to accept your book and list it in their catalogue. They don’t print a copy until someone orders one, at which point they know they’ll make a profit on that sale. Therefore they don’t have to care whether your book sells millions of copies or none.)If you publish on Kindle, Amazon doesn’t require exclusivity. They have a program called KDP Select, where the electronic version of your book is available exclusively on the Kindle. (You can distribute it elsewhere in print if you want.) You enrol your book for 90 days, after which you can decide whether to leave it there for another 90 days, or take it out and just sell it in the normal KDP programme. When you’re in KDP Select, your book can be borrowed by anyone who’s enrolled in Amazon Prime, and you get a dollar or two each time someone borrows it. You can also give your book away on five days out of each 90, which is good for building awareness. When Select was introduced, it was common for books to see a boost in sales after coming off a free promotion, because it would show up in the “also bought” sections of books that had been bought by the people who downloaded your book. Now, however, a free download doesn’t count for as much as a paid sale when Amazon decides what to list under “also bought”. The consensus among authors now seems to be that Select is no longer worth what you have to give up in order to get it.My experience has been that sales on the Kindle outnumber sales at Smashwords by about 10 to 1. Smashwords in turn outnumbers print sales by about 10 to 1. Some authors see Kindle and Smashwords the other way round. Nobody seems to have any definitive answers as to what works and doesn’t for getting sales (other than “write a really good book”), so the only advice I can give is to try everything and anything that doesn’t require a lot of time or money upfront and see what works for you.

Free coloring books by mail

What is a better buy an IPAD or a Kindle Fire for children.

I have a 5yr old and a 21 month old. I been wanting to get a tablet for their educational games and books. I read to my kids everyday but the library selection is not that great and kind of outdated. I searched amazon for new kids books and their are many good ones about character, starting a new school etc.. but…

IMO Kindle Fire HD would be the better option. As there is no use for spending a huge amount for iPad when the Kindle Fire HD can do most of the things your 5 YO would want.Here you would be able to find the Kindle Fire HD:…New models of Kindle Fire HD have been released and would be available by Oct 2 and few coming out on 11th oct.iPad is an expensive gadget for a 5 YO and frankly overspent money. Where you can get other better things along with Kindle Fire HD.Hope this helped!

How does the kindle fire hd work.

I am thinking of getting a kindle fire hd and am trying to figure out the following:Can you play netflix on the kindle?Can you get apps from google play?Do all the books that you would get on the kindle cost money and if so do they cost a lot or can you get any books for free?Does it support word documents/does…

i have a kindle fire hd 7 inch, the new 139 option. and you can use netflix on itit has an app. and i am not sure about android apps. i was able to download zinio app for the kindle of the zinio website. but thats because zinio sells the same magazines as amazon and amazon wants you to buy from them. but my advice is just go to the amazon kindle app store online and search for the apps you want. and then make a decision. i am glad i bought my kindle over an android tablet. i dont use many apps, so i may be biased because of that. and you cant buy a keyboard. its one thing i like about the kindle. i dont see tablets as a great productivity tool,i would rather use my laptop. the kindle is geared towards entertainment and consuming,not towards productivity.if your looking for a productivity tablet,look elsewhere.even though you can download an office suite on the kindle. as for borrowing/buying there are free books.unless you have a prime membership you will get a free month of membership when you register your kindle.that means you can borrow books from the kindle library for free. they also have free books in every genre. as well as paid books. contact me if you need more help. [email protected]

Kindle vs. Nook Simple Touch.

Which would be better for someone who likes reading traditional books better? What feels more “traditional”? Not the Kindle HD or Nook Color. I want either the original Kindle or Nook Simple Touch because I just want them to READ, not to PLAY with.-What has more ebooks?-What store is cheaper?…

-What has more ebooks?Both have almost unlimited amount of books. But for the count. B&N says to have over 2.5 million titles while Amazon says over million titles. You can get many books on both devices.The best part in Kindle is that it is promoting new writers to write and publish books via Amazon without any hectic procedure. By which you can be able to find those books exclusively on Amazon and no where else and books are good too.-What store is cheaper?Both store have almost similar prices.But the Amazon prime membership offers more facilities like Amazon lending library where Kindle owners can choose from more than 300k books to borrow for free with no due dates, including over 100 current and former New York Times best sellers and all 7 Harry Potter books.Other than that the Xray feature is good. Where you just tap the xray button and you can get whole biography of the people/characters you currently are reading on current page.Then I like Kindle Time to read feature which tells you in how much time you would finish the book based on your reading speed.I suggest you read this comparison between Kindle and Nook, would help you in making this decision:…These two devices are basically very good for reading. You wont regret buying either of them but as for making your decision easier. I would recommend Kindle for popularity and better screen.

What are some things to do on ipad mini.

I have an ipad mini and i dont know what to do with it. I dont want to play any of the games i have on there and I am really bored. It is too cold to go outside. Thanks

Connect to the Wi Fi and go to the App store and download some new apps. There are many free ones. Two of the most recent ones I downloaded were WalkNText and TooLoud?Kindle is a free app, and with it you can download from the Kindle Store at Amazon. If you are a prime member at Amazon, you can “borrow” books on your Kindle for free, just like borrowing from the library. Some libraries also have apps where you can borrow from them, so check that out.Take pictures. Create a video. Edit right there on your iPad.Listen to music. Watch videos.You do not want to play the games you have on there, but what about downloading more? Sudoku? Mah Jong? Or how about just coloring- Crayola has several free apps, there is a free ColoringBook app that my children love and there are a couple of related apps to that one that are pretty awesome (KidsDoodle and Kaleido Free). I think even older children would like those.

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