How Many Books Are In The Immortals Series

Need to know about The immortals books.

how many books are there in this series? i do know one called evermore or somethin what order are they in? and last of all do they have sex in it? is it to innapropiate for like 12 year olds? cussing is ok but nothin to extreme thanks!

The Immortals is a fairly new series.Evermore came out earlier this year. Blue Moon is going to be released July 7th…Well inappropriate depends on how you look at it. My personal opinions veer to the side of saying Twilight contains some themes inappropriate for under 14. If you enjoy Stephanie Meyer, I think you might enjoy Alyson Noel. There is drinking and other teen/adult themes in the Immortals. However, I think a mature 12 year old could read it.

Another Evermore Question Poll Thing…

Poll: Would you like Evermore to be made into a movie? I know i would ;DQuestion: How many books are there in the Immortals series, i heard there were 6 :/Thanks! 🙂

yesi heard there were 8 :/ Free christian audio books

Sequels to Immortals Series.

I’m thinking about reading The Immortals Series by Alyson Noel. I know for sure the first book is Evermore but I can’t find the sequels. How many are there and what are their names (in order)? Please and Thank You =)

the sequels aren’t out yet.the 2nd book is called Blue Moon: The Immortals and it will be released in July 7, 2009.

How many books in immortals series and….

I am from Australia where they aren’t released but I bought Evermore and Blue Moon on the internet and I love them!I was wondering if anyone knows how many books there will be in the series and when the third one is coming out.THANKS!

HeyWell I agree with the other answer, I heard that there were supposed to be sixbut for now I know that the 3rd book is coming…That tells you all about itHope i helpedxx

how many books are there going to be in the immortal series.

i just know about dark flame, but i heard there was going to be a 5 and a 6

Dark Flame (June 22, 2010)Night Star (Undecided)Immortals Spin-Off series / Riley series : Radiance (August 31, 2010)

How many books will be in the Immortals series (it begins with Evermore and Blue Moon).

There will be five books in the immortal series – only the first two have titles at the moment.

How many book are going to be in The immortals series & their names.

When are the books form the Immortals series by Alyson Noel coming out? Like the books after Shadowland and Dark Flame. And if possible can you give their realease date? Thanx =)

I cant wait for Dark Flame to come out!! the release date is supposed to beJuly 6th 2010The Site I just found it on gave a description of the book :)heres the link if you want to take a peek…. its gunna be good!!

how many books are in the evermore series by alyson noel.

i just started reading the first book and i dont like to read series when they arent finished because i’m not very patient. if you could tell me if the series is finished and if it is, how many books she has in that series. also, please dont get hung up over my impatience when answering

The series is actually called “The Immortals”. There are currently 2 books, with a 3rd coming out in November, so no, it is not finished yet, so you may want to wait to see if she’ll be writing a 4th or even more! It is comprised of the following books:EvermoreBlue MoonShadowland – out Nov 17, 2009.

How many books will there be in the immortals series by Alyson Noel.

I just finished Evermore and am looking forward to blue moon. I’m curious about how many books there will be. Does anyone know?

I just finshed that book too! It was great!I know that shes coming out with blue moon but i cant find any other information on other books in the series…for now. I think she will continue writing this series but it might take awhile for the third book because the second isnt out yet.

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