How Much Does It Cost To Ship Books

How much does it cost to ship a package overseas.

I want to send a necklace to someone dear to me in Sweden for Christmas, but I don’t know how much it costs. I live in Edmonton, AB. Is there anything specific I need to do to ship overseas or to Sweden from Canada? How long do you think it will take?

Hey Beans. Great question. Shipping costs depend on the size, weight and exact delivery address. So it’s hard to give you an estimated cost. If you’re shipping a necklace, then I would recommend shipping using a service that provides parcel tracking and some form of insurance. If you want to get a quote from FedEx, UPS and DHL all on one site at rates 30% less than the normal then check out Not only can you book the shipment online (with pickup and delivery) you will also get parcel tracking and insurance. Plus ShippingEasy completes all of the customs paperwork – which is important as it would be awful if the recipient got taxed for receiving your Christmas Gift. Hope this helps.

how much does it cost to ship 3 lightweight books and posters.

im going to ship some really lightweight books, magazines and posters. all together, its not pretty lightweight. i don’t know how much shipping would be. what is the shipping process? do i get a box from the post office for free and put bubblewrap in it so it wont be damaged? im shipping from the US. would it…

If youre Shipping form the US to the US its WAY cheaper then international.USPS has a deal “if it fits it ships for one low flat rate”so call them find a box perfect size fill it up and send it off! i couldn’t seeing something like this shipping for more then 15 dollars.UPS and Fed-Ex is way more expensive and they go by weight so depends on the actual weight you will be priced accordingly.if everything fits in the box snug and nothing moves around in the box you will probably be fine without anything being ruined but i would recommend wrapping everything individually in news paper or something so that the corners of the books and mags done get crunched and messed up. Free mystery audio books

how much does it approximately cost to travel on a ship.

for example from turkey to spain or from spain to united much does it cost and how long would it take?

Passengers travel on freighters for a variety of reasons including fun, relaxation, adventure, no crowds, companionship, and the informal atmosphere onboard. Some passengers use a transatlantic crossing or a segment of a longer itinerary as leisurely transportation from Point A to Point B, but most passengers book a freighter cruise for its full itinerary with durations from 2 weeks to 5 months. Freighter fares typically range from about $90-$130 per person per day, inclusive of all meals on board.Time? Turkey to Spain, four days. Spain to the USA East coats, 9 – 11 days.Freighters do not offer any preplanned activities such as cruise ships do and mealtimes are the only daily structure.

What is the cheapest way to ship a book from east to west coast (U.S) and how much does it cost.

I started selling books but I’m not sure what the best way to ship them is. How much would it cost to ship a book in an envelope 12″ by 9.5″ (about 7-8 oz). Also, how much would the cheapest way to ship a box of books 6″ by 4″ by 16″ (about 10 lbs) cost? Do you go to the post office to…

The United States Postal Service (USPS) offering of Media Mail service is an inexpensive postage rate for shipping certain items including the books mentioned with the question. Under the USPS guidelines for using USPS Media Mail service, there can be no personal correspondence or cards included in the package. But you can send a packing list of the articles enclosed. For a small fee, you can add the option of tracking to a package sent using USPS Media Mail service, whether you buy the postage label online or across the counter at a local Post Office branch. Also note the thickness of the padded envelope will be too much for the blue collections box internal opening, causing it to possibly become stuck, so take the parcel to the Post Office branch near you for shipping.Delivery in two to eight daysMaximum combined box length and girth of 108 inchesMaximum weight of box is 70 lbs- Books- 16-millimeter or narrower width films- Printed music- Printed objective test materials- Sound recordings, video recordings and player piano rolls- Play scripts, book manuscripts, and periodicals- Printed educational reference charts designed for instructional purposes- Loose-leaf pages and their binders of medical information- Computer-readable media, prerecorded……Packages shipped using USPS Media Mail service and weighing between one ounce and sixteen ounces will cost $2.69. Examples of the pricing for USPS Media Mail service based on certain weights, starting a low as one pound to a maximum of seventy pound, one ounce up to two pounds = $3.17two pounds, one ounce up to three pounds = $3.65three pounds, one ounce up to four pounds = $4.13four pounds, one ounce up to five pounds = $4.61five pounds, one ounce up to six pounds = $5.09six pounds, one ounce up to seven pounds = $5.57seven pounds, one ounce up to eight pounds = $6.03eight pounds, one ounce up to nine pounds = $6.49nine pounds, one ounce up to ten pounds = $6.95ten pounds, one ounce up to eleven pounds = $7.41twenty pounds – approximately $11.55thirty pounds = approximately $16.15forty pounds = approximately $20.75fifty pounds = approximately $25.35sixty pounds = approximately $29.95seventy pounds = approximately $34.55Use the USPS Calculation page link below to determine the exact postage for the weight and size item you are mailing. Enter the destination, select using a box (package) or large envelope for mailing, enter the weight, and get the required postage amounts. sells on their website digital scales to weigh each prepared package so the online label you print will reflect the correct Media Mail postage. Other store both online and local also offer digital scales for purchase.’L…When the postal clerk asks what the package contains, answer quickly and emphatically that only books are inside. Some clerks can become difficult if they suspect the package contains anything else, and force you to pay USPS Standard Mail prices before they will accept the package. If you purchase the postage label online, this type of interaction will not be an issue.Consider some added steps to protect what is being sent.-wrap each volume in sheets of white tissue paper or in plain newsprint-if multiple volumes, wrap two or three books together-place plastic bag over each tissue wrapped book, sealing with tape-place this package inside the box, stuffing unfilled space with packing materialThe big box office supply stores along with some of the discount stores like Dollar Tree sell padded mailing envelopes in a variety of sizes. These can be used to mail an item, providing the protection of a light weight padded package.×9-2-ct-Packs/p320413/index.pro have used the USPS Media Mail service over the years for sending and receiving books.

How much does it cost to ship a hardcover school book.

I have a biology book I want to sell online, but once sold, I don’t understand how to ship for the shipping the costumer pays on amazon, which is 4.99. How much does it cost to ship a text book? I have a feeling it will cost more than 4.99 to ship a hardcover text book. Which shipping is best and will cost…

Take it to the Post Office and say you want to ship at “book rate”.. way cheaper than anyone else has said yet. Same with ‘media’ rate.GC

How much total does it cost to ship a book.

just 1 booka little smaller than this one

It depends on the wt, where it is going , and how fast you want ti to go. Prices are very moderate. You need to take it to the post office to get specific price.

How much total does it cost to ship a book.

just 1 booka little smaller than this one

The cost will depend on the weight of the book more than the size. generally if it’s heavier than a few pounds it’s a good idea to go with a flat rate box. You can take it to the post office and have them give you an estimate price before you decide to send it.

How much does it cost to ship a book.

I recently sold a used book online. I thought it would cost about $3.99 for Standard UPS (the amount I was to be reimbursed), but when I went to the Post Office, the guy said $14 something. The package was 4 lbs, but I thought that a little steep for sending a book. I asked him if there were anything cheaper,…

The “book rate” is called media mailAccording to the USPS website the lowest rate to ship a 4 pound package in the US would be $3.28 if it is a book and qualified for “media mail”from the USPS website:Media Mail is used for books, film, manuscripts, printed music, printed test materials, sound recordings, play scripts, printed educational charts, loose-leaf pages and binders consisting of medical information, videotapes, and computer-recorded media like CDs and diskettes. Media Mail cannot contain advertising.The maximum size is 108 inches in combined length and distance around the thickest part.Mark each package “Media Mail” in the postage area.Media Mail Prices Weight Not Over(pounds) Prices1 $2.232 2.583 2.934 3.28Products Speed Post Office PricePriority Mail® Large Flat-Rate Box 2 days 12.95Priority Mail® Flat Rate Box 2 days 9.80Priority Mail® 2 days 7.85Parcel Post® 5 days 7.55Media Mail® Restrictions Apply 5 days 3.28I hope that helps.

How much does it cost to ship a comic book.

Im selling a comic book on Ebay and need to set a shipping price, but I’am not sure how much it would cost just to ship 1 comic book?

I hate this part of selling on Ebay.Set the price at $3.00 media Mail.Wrap it up, plastic bag then into an envelope and take it to the post office tomorrow.Ask them the weight. Ask them the price for first class and for media mail.Now you can log back into your account and edit the shipping method. Enter the shipping weight. You can let the buyer chose the method. If you want, you can add 50 cents (or a dollar) for the cost of the envelope, or your handling time, but you should write in your listing that shipping include a handling charge.

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