How Do I Transfer Books From One Kindle To Another

Transfer app data from Kindle Fire to Android phone.

I’ve been playing a lot of the game called “Alchemy” lately. It’s in both the Google Play appstore and Amazon Appstore, but it’s customized for the Kindle Fire (I think.) I was wondering if I could copy a saved data file from my Kindle and paste it in a directory on my Phone. Is that possible,…

you know that kindle books from amazon are usually unavailable for users to read or use on other devices including android readers.if you are eager to do this, then use this article to help you to convert kindle books first.

How do I sync two kindles that are in different accounts.

Okay, heres the thing. We have two kindles. One is mine and one is my dads. We want to sync our kindles together so we dont have to buy the same book twice. And I do not really want to lend books to another kindle, that takes time. Best answer gets the points.

As far as I know, you would need to transfer one of the kindles to the other’s account. So both of them would either be on his, or on your account.That way both of you have access to the same bought books. The drawbacks? There are two.1) You would no longer have access to the books you previously bought on one of your accounts. There is no way to give those already purchased books to the other account, as far as I can tell (I have searched). Hopefully one of your accounts doesn’t have many books purchased on it yet.2) Buying new books, you would either need to both log into the same amazon account to buy books (which means either his or your credit card would always be charged) OR just give the kindle books as a gift from one account to the other. That is the better option, it is what I currently do.And yes, I am currently using a setup like this. Our family “shares” kindles, they are all under one person’s name, and we just gift books to that person any time we want to buy a book. And we all get access to any of those books purchased.If you are not familiar, when buying a kindle book, there is a “give as gift” button you press at the very beginning of the order process, make sure not to forget that or it will buy it for the wrong account. Free urban books app

How do I transfer files onto Kindle Fire.

Hey all. What is the best way to get my movies, books, and music from my laptop onto the Kindle Fire? Not too familiar with this yet.Thanks!

First off, the files must be in AZW or MOBI format for books, MP4 for movies and MP3 for music to play on the Kindle.The easiest way to transfer is to use a USB cable to plug the Kindle into the computer and simply drag and drop those files into the appropriate folders on the Kindle. To your computer, the Kindle looks just like another memory device.

How can I transfer kindle content to another kindle with two separate accounts.

My gram gave me her kindle, all my books are on it but I want to deregister it from her amazon account to register it on my amazon account when I did this I lost all my books is there a way I can get them back on under my account without buying them again?

The content belongs to the account, not to the Kindle.One account can have many Kindles and Kindle apps registered to it. But One Kindle (or app) can only be registered to one account and can only use the Amazon Kindle books purchased by (or gifted to) that account.Some possibilities -Here are the two ways you could still read her Kindle books and both ways assume she got the Kindle books at Amazon.1. Undo what you did and read her books first…You could ask your gram to re-register the Kindle to her account (any Kindle books YOU already bought would be deleted). Note this will require her Amazon account email and password be put in the Kindle to register it back to her account. And then one by one she would have to send her already-purchased Kindle books back to that Kindle (using her account’s Manage Your Kindle page at Amazon). Then you could read all of those books of hers that you want. After you have read all of her books THEN you could de-register the Kindle, lose all of the content again, register it to your own account and start buying your own Kindle books. This will work best if you have Wifi in your house and the Kindle settings so it can connect to that (unless it is one of the pricy 3G Kindles – they can download Kindle books without Wifi)OR2. Keep it registered to your account and have have lend her books to your account, one at a time. She can loan each book to you ONE time for 2 weeks only. The same book cannot be loaned to the same account more than once.NOTE: If the books were non-copy-protected classics like Tale of Two Cities, Treasure Island, etc. – you can get those for free at Amazon (or elsewhere if you wan to load them over USB).

How do you swap books to other kindles.

I have a kindle touch and i want to let another person read one of the books i have read. (They also have a kindle touch). I was just wondering if there was any way that i could transfer the book from my kindle to theirs.

Go to manage my Kindle from the Amazon YOUR ACCOUNT tab. After to log in, all your titles should be listed with a drop down menu. to the side of each. One of the choices is lend this title. Click on it & you will be asked for your friend’s name & e-mail. They will sennd an e-mail & your friend can follow the instructions to get the title.

How do you send a book from kindle to kindle.

i just bought a book off of, and I want to send it to my mom’s kindle, but i don’t know how. I have heard it can be done. ( I don’t want to loan the book, i just want to send it to another kindle)and is there a way to send a book so that both people ( the buyer, and recipient ) have a…

I’m assuming you each have your own unique Amazon account. If that is the case, I believe the only way is to physically transfer the book via attaching them to a computer and using USB cable.First transfer the Kindle Book from your Kindle to PC, then from your PC to your Mom’s Kindle.

How do you transfer your books from an old to a new Kindle.

When they are transferred, do they get deleted from the old one? I want to give my old one to someone and I’m sure he doesn’t want all my books.

This applies to books you bought with your account:On the old kindle use the 5 way button/arrow keys and hit the left button, delete each book.Once done, hit home, then menu. then click on settings. Click on Deregister.On your new kindle, follow the steps to register your account if it isn’t already setup.Go to and log in to your account. click on “Your digital items”, then “Your Kindle Items” or “Manage your kindle” both do the same, list the books that are available to download to the kindle. next, click on Actions to the right of each book. The clik on “Deliver to..” That should bring up another box with a drop down that says “Deliver to:” Choose your new kindle and click on Deliver.

How do I transfer my Kindle for PC app from one computer to another computer.

I have Kindle for PC on one computer. I bought a new one and I want to have my kindle (that is registered to Amazon) on my new one. How do I do that? In a way that I can keep all my books and purchases and not lose them?

Just download it and signin!

How do I transfer a book from one kindle account to another.

I bought an expensive critical care nursing book on my husbands kindle. now that I have my own, I would like it on my kindle. is there a way to do that? He uses his kindle all the time so I would not be able to keep it with me for a long enough time to benefit from the book.

Kindle books can be shared on multiple Kindle devices/apps, if the devices/apps are registered to the same Amazon account. Here you can find the details on such sharing: this is not what you want, try to contact Amazon support, and see if they can offer any help. Tell them that the book is purchased using a wrong Amazon account, and see if they can help to transfer it to the correct Amazon account.

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