How To Sell Rare Books Online

How much is a rare book seller’s mark up. What percentage do they like to make in profit.

I guess I want to know the “trade-in value” of a rare book, in comparison to it’s retail value. If I see my book selling elsewhere for $250, what can I expect to get from a dealer?Anyone know of any websites that might give this info?Thanks answerers!

There is no standard market. I am a NYC rare book dealer and get asked all the time to value books. I find the online sites to be a poor way of determining value as it depends which dealer is setting the retail price. Generally, for a $250 book “retail” online, it is hard to get $50.I would suggest selling on eBay or Amazon and highlighting the retain price you found.

How to sell Yugioh cards.

I used to be a huge fan for like 4yrs and now i’m in yr 8 wit over 800 cardsi fink most of them are rare like blue-eyes white dragondark magicianand yeh,rare cards like tat’i want some tips on how i can make some money wit sellin em’ online on ebayor maybe a website??anywayz thx

well if your rarest or most quanity of cards are dm or bewd than your not going to make much. they range from anywhere to $1-5…your best bet is to sort them and do some research ( it might take awhile but it might be worth it) on the going prices for your cards and if you have expensive ones sell them by them selves for the going price, take stardust dragon for example his value is $5 no one is really selling him for that because everyone either has one and wants another or needs one, so supply and demand will help if you have the cards that are popular…if you have book of moon thats a sorta old one its worth some money. the best place to really sell them would be ebay you sell through paypal so you are gauranteed to get your money, also when you sell the cards that arent worth at least $7-10 just sell them in bulk, if you look on ebay they sell bundles of cards called lots and they are pretty much just a bunch of random cards. Descendants books for free

Selling E-Books. How popular.

How popular are ebooks?How many people dont mind buying them online?How much would you pay for an ebook?Im talking about ebooks with interesting topics. Mostly ‘How-To’ books, guides, recipes etc. Not story books.I want to make my ebooks very specific.For example, my own home made recipies that have…

ebooks are not that popular, but it’s growing, with the Amazon Kindle and other ebook readers that are popular.All ebooks are sold online (very rare you get them on CD’s), so those who do buy them will buy them online + won’t mind itebook would be $15 tops. the cheaper, the better.And, of course, people would be interested in such topics. The more unique, the better.

how can i start selling things online.

i want to use amazon to sell off a couple things of mine. not like a storefront.the main questions i have though is how shipping works?how do i get boxes to ship products do i prepare a package

The first thing is that you should describe your item clearly and completely. Check the ISBN, UPC or product number and make sure that ALL details match with what is listed on Amazon website.Make sure that your price is reasonable. You cannot expect to sell an item in the price that you originally bought it. For books I would say you may expect getting 20-30% of original price. However it varies from book to book. Sometimes a book is really rare that you can sell it for double the price that you originally bought it and sometimes you should reduce your price a lot.Make sure to check your items and see if your item is the lowest price or not. For the beginning you should probably expect little money and as time passes by you get more feedback from people and hence you can expect selling more items with better price.Amazon maintains consistency, i.e. they do not tend to make changes often. This is good foryou as a seller since changes cost time. When changes are made, they tend to stick and sellerscan adjust.

How should I sell old books.

I’ve just started volunteering for a recycling project who accept people’s old stuff and then sell it on, and I’m running the online sales project. The guy who ran it before has a big pile of old books that he thinks could have value but aren’t on Amazon or something.The problem is I have no idea…

OK. I learned how to do this when trying to find the value of some of my old text books. Go to Google and type in the ISBN number/code. If you don’t know what that is, look for the bar code on the jacket of the book. Right above the little bars, there should be “ISBN” and a series of numbers. If the jacket is missing, or the ISBN is ilegible, look inside the book on the page that gives you the publisher information. It should be there.Type this number directly into the Google (or Yahoo, etc.) search engine and it will pop up a list of sellers who have this book and their price range. Some books that are really old came out before the ISBN system was created. For thes books, about the only way you’ll find out anything is to type the name of the book and the author into the search engine and a list should pop up as to who would be selling the book. Then you’ll have to look around the site to find out how to sell the books to that store.Each store will have its own way of determining how you sell the book, but most seem to simply have you box the books and send them through the mail and you will receive a check that covers the sale of the book and the cost of shipping. Others take the book on consignment, and you don’t actually get the money until the book sells.The next best thing to do is to find a site that caters to rare or out of print books. These types of sellers will offer you a decent price for old books that they have a demand for.Other than that, your only other option would be to take them to your local used book store and see if you can sell them there. But if you have hardbacks, call in advance and make sure they buy hardbacks because some used bookstores don’t. Second hand or thrift stores may also buy some of the books. You won’t get much for them, but they would be out of your hair.Have you thought of having a huge benefit yard/garage sale? You could gather up unwanted items throughout the community and sell them…and I’m sure you’d get a lot of books this way too. This would be a great way of offering the books to readers who might enjoy them in your area without having to deal with figuring out values. I realize that your part is online, so you could set up a “community benefit yard sale/auction” online where people can buy or bid on items…sort of like e-bay.In the end, whatever can’t be sold online, to used bookstores locally, or to thrift stores can be donated to charity (ie. Salvation Army or Goodwill) if they are in good condition.Hope this helps a bit!

How to sell comic books effectively.

My uncle is in another state and isn’t reachable so i can’t ask him..

There is a good online pricing guide, but you have to sign up to view it. It wont cost you anything: comics will fetch a better price if sold individually.Hope this helps

i have a book. last of the mohicans with a womans face on front of book. by J. Fenimore Cooper..

I cannot find this book anywhere online. I believe it is a rare book too.How can i find it?Want to sell it on ebay, maybe.I have a picture too…This is a link. If you want the version with the girl on the cover there’s…0r…That wasn’t really a girl, but the face is of a male.That was all I could find. I hope I helped.

Where is a good place to sell used books online.

And I mean like novels, not college textbooks, because I’d use chegg for that… I’m just trying to look for a way to clear out clutter and make a little money while I can… thanks. 🙂

Personally I think the best place to sell used books online is or is part of ebay, but it’s only for books. There’s also no bidding – it’s more similar to how amazon works. However novels don’t usually sell for a lot of money unless they are used for classes or are rare. It’s worth checking out what your books go for on those sites, but you might only be making 5 or 10 cents on some of the bestsellers (remember to factor in that you’ll have to pay for shipping, which is usually more than what they reimburse you for, plus they’ll take a commission). Depending on how much your books are going for, you might be better off taking them to a used book store to see what you can get – at least it would save you the hassle of packing and shipping each on individually.

How do I go about selling a rare book.

I have a1852 copy of Harriett Beecher Stowe’s, Iife Among the Lowly that I want to sell

Try ebay, or amazon. But you should get it priced first, but I don’t know how…maybe try an antique shop if it’s a very old book, or go to a library or bookshop and ask them where you’d get it priced.I think online is your best bet, you’ll probably get people who are genuinely interested in the book there.:)

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